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Welcome guys to this weeks episode of AEW Rampage. Weve got four matches tonight and were kicking things off with one half of the AEW world tag team champions.


We have something different for this one. Big Bill is on commentary for this one. Not really kn own for his promos so this could be interesting. Nice lockup to start, we get some pushes back and forth before Vance takes control with kicks, strikes, and stomps. Ricky turns it around and sets up Vance in the corner for a few chops and strikes before sending him into the corner. Vance tries strong-whipping Starks into the ropes as Starks uses the momentum for a crossbody but Vance stops it in time. Vance follows it up with a pump kick after Starks wiggles his way out of a possible back-body drop. Starks to the outside as Vance sends Starks, head first into barricades. Starks comes back by sending Vance into the steel post. Starks takes time out and jumps on commentary and has some fun with Big Bill. time to trash-talk by the commentary team before returning to his assault on Vance. Starks with a back suplex on Preston on the ramp as Starks picks up a near fall. Preston with a series of clotheslines and a spinebuster. Vance with a spinning clothesline attempt as Ricky counters it into a spinning ddt from off the middle rope. Vance kicks out at 2. Starks calls for this one to be over as he tries looking for roshambo, but it’s countered as Vance gets in a blue thunder for a kickout. Vance calls for his trademark full nelson finisher as Starks counters it into a pin attempt for a near fall. Vance with another blue thunder and again goes for the full nelson. Big Bill jumps on the apron to distract Vance as Starks spears from the victory.

Here is your winner: Ricky Starks

This wasn’t a bad opener from these two guys. Obviously everyone knows Ricky Starks is an absolute star but Preston Vance held his own. Huge shoutout to Big Bill on commentary too. Was actually impressed.

Post match the tag champs start a beat down on Preston but Rush and Kalistico make the save.

Chris Jericho is with Rene Paquette to hype his appearance at the DDT event, as he’ll be facing Takeshita in Japan. Jericho gives high praise to Takeshita. Solid build up for this one. Jericho vows to get his revenge and teach him a lesson because he is angry and p*ssed off. 

Meanwhile, Lexi is with Don Callis to get his reaction, as Don is with Prince Nana. Apparently, Nana and Callis have worked out some deal. Brian Cage is on loan to Callis for the Like a Dragon Gaiden Street Fight next Wednesday’sDynamite. Might bet is Cage eats the pin on this one now.

Lexi is with Team Jarrett as she wonders when Jay Lethal is getting his shot for the ROH WORLD TITLE. Jeff Jarrett interrupts to guarantee that Lethal will walk out as the new champion. Ortiz interrupts and Lethal warns him that he may get jumped if he carries on but Ortiz takes a swing anyway but the numbers are not in his favour. Looks like Ortiz will need a partner… Proud and powerful anyone?


Ruby with a reach-around for a takedown slam. Velvet with a great go-behind and takedown slam of her own. Velvet with a headlock as Ruby reverses. Ruby sent into the ropes as she shoulder tackles Velvet. Ruby into the ropes as Velvet catches her with a leg lariat that staggers Ruby. Velvet with punches to the stomach and a boot to the face. Ruby counters by slamming Velvet’s head into the corner post, then another. Velvet comes back swinging but is slingshot on the ropes for a near fall. Velvet with a bulldog, a double knee strike to the back, and a standing moonsault for a two-count. That was impressive.

Ruby sets Velvet set on the top rope as Ruby kicks her in the head followed by another cover attempt but Velvet kicks out at 2. Backdrop driver follows from Ruby— make that two drivers! Ruby misses a strike but rebounds by planting Velvet to the middle turnbuckle.

One of the ring crew has now handed Ruby a bunch of green flowers. What on earth is this. Velvet comes from behind, looking for a rollup for a near fall. Ruby rebounds with a punch to the face as Velvet swings and misses a series of spinning kicks until her third attempt connects. Velvet with the pin and that’s all over.

Heres your winner: Red Velvet

Its great to see Red Velvet back. But not too sure what to say about this one. Wasn’t a bad match but the part with the flowers just didn’t really make sense to me. Velvet shouts to the crowd that she is back as Ruby lays in the ring with her flowers.


Im not even sure we were told the names of the other two guys in this one. Several moves from the kingdom on both guys and that’s all done.

Heres your winner: The Kingdom

Squash. That is all. No further comment on this. Roderick Strong is quite funny in this role tho but that match was a waste of time.

Its main event time guys and I have a feeling this one is going to be wild.


Dax and Komander kicking this one off as Dax gets in a snapmare, and a shoulder block. Dax misses a back elbow as Komander connects with a dropkick. Vikingo tagged in now as Dax is able to tag Cash. Vikingo with a spin kick to the stomach followed by a spinning kick, and a dropkick/enziguri. Vikingo follows it up with another dropkick that sends Cash out of the ring as Vikingo comes over the top rope but Cash sends him face first into the announce table. Holy fire that looked painful.

Komander gets in a big crossbody as Vikingo is on top and takes our Cash in the process. Shotgun dropkick by Vikingo to help Komander only get a near fall after a rollup. Komander tries to lift Dax but he’s sent into the corner as Vikingo gets a tag. Dax manages to stop him as he tries climbing to the top ropes as Dax climbs up and tries for a superplex that gets reversed. Vikingo to the top as is Komander on the opposite end as they both connect with stereo 630 splashes for a double near fall. That was cool.  The crowd are absolutely loving this. Cash with the gory special on Komander while Vikingo connects with a spinning kick to Cash. Another Spinning kick attempt by Vikingo misses Dax as he tries for a shooting star press but Dax plants him with a piledriver for a near fall. Dax to the top now as Vikingo tries for a rollup. Dax tries to deadlift Vikingo but Vikingo reverses it for another rollup attempt. The third time is the charm as Dax finally connects with his slingshot off the ropes backbreaker. Komander comes in for a rollup as Dax somehow kicks out. Cash gets in a blind tag as Komander tries climbing to the top and misses his spaceman walking the ropes attempt. FTR sets him up for the shatter machine for the victory.

Here is your winner: FTR

How great is Vikingo and Komander. I absolutely love Vikingo. I just don’t ever seem to see him win on AEW. He deserves more in my opinion. Guy is an absolute star. What a match this was though. Just solidifying FTR as the greatest tag team. It doesn’t matter what style they are against they just match it. I could watch them every day. You have to catch this match. Crowd chants of fight forever sum this one up.

Post match the lights go out and we see House of Black applauding FTR. I am fully here for the match of FTR against House of Black.

Was an ok show this week. The main event saved the show for me. Join me tomorrow guys for AEW Collision.

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