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Mercedes Mone Heading Where?

Real Rasslin have come to learn that there have been indications that Mercedes Mone, also known as Sasha Banks, is nearing a decision regarding her future.

Initially, there were discussions between Mercedes and WWE about a potential return, but they were unable to agree on terms. However, it has been revealed that Mercedes has been in ongoing talks with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), despite previous difficulties in reaching an agreement. While it is widely expected that she will join AEW, it has not been confirmed if she has officially signed with the company.

It is worth noting that in recent cases with other wrestlers like Will Ospreay and CM Punk, contracts were not signed until the day of their appearances with AEW and WWE. Although there were rumors of AEW and Mercedes being close to reaching an agreement, it is important to remember that nothing is official until it is officially announced.

It was also reported that Mercedes was seeking one of the largest contracts in women's wrestling history. WWE sources have denied that Mercedes is the "former WWE Champion" rumored to appear on WWE Day 1 Raw.

Source: Fightful

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