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Mauling It Over - April 29, 2023: A Treasure Trove of NXT Talent Shined in the WWE Draft

This year's WWE Draft has illuminated how the organization truly benefits from having a brand that produces promising prospects at a prolific pace


By Mark Mahler - 04.29.2023

The WWE draft had a lot of surprises last night. Among some of the shocking moments besides how many factions stayed intact and switched brands, the WWE drafted all three of the NXT Women's title holders in Indi Hartwell (NXT Women's Champ), along with NXT Women's Tag Team titleholders Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre.

Shawn Michaels looked gutted making the announcement, leading to Road Dogg asking if he can lose his smile twice.

Indi had been rumored to be called up for months now. Alba Fyre has made a couple of trips on the road with the main roster on the house show circuit. Isla Dawn came into NXT and has been intriguing, as solid as it comes in the ring. Also her extensive overseas experiences made her a great choice to move up. Plus. it might give the women's tag team division a big kick: Current Champs Dawn and Fyre, and Indi being a past champ with Candice LeRae.