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MAULING IT OVER - April 15, 2023: Chelsea Green is Pure Gold

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Is Chelsea Green poised to be the next WWE female who takes the step to superstardom? Columnist Mark Mahler thinks so... and a hardcore legend seems to agree with him

By Mark Mahler - 04.15.2023

Any wrestling fan that sweeps over Social Media looking for rumors, news, or just checking with their favorite wrestler knows Chelsea Green’s return to the WWE has been nothing short of entertainment gold. After her initial run came to an end with an unfortunate injury and eventual release, Chelsea’s return has been unique.

Let’s get something out of the way: If you watched or followed Chelsea in IMPACT or on the Independent scene, you know this lady can wrestle. She won tag team gold with Dianna Purrazzo as part of VXT on August 12th, 2022. She had solid matches with Madison Rayne, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, Tasha Steelz, and Mia Yim. When her contract was up she re-signed with the WWE where she had some unfinished business.

Before Chelsea was released by the WWE she started to build some momentum in NXT and was pushed to the main roster on Smackdown in November of 2020 where she injured her arm in a match, which many believe she was supposed to win. Some might consider it bad luck, but the way she has returned back to the WWE and her character has started to win fans over, it might have been the break she needed.

Chelsea is playing a character on WWE programming right now that seems to have a need to complain. She hunts down acting authority figure Adam Pearce (who is also solid gold right now in this story week after week and demands her way or she will go to management.

The backstage segments are hysterically good. Pearce seeing Green with Carmella, and bolting in the other direction got a nice roar from the live crowd. That tells me, this character, this storyline has fans' attention.

But that’s where the story just begins.

Chelsea has taken to social media, more specifically Twitter, and is haunting Adam and even Byron Saxton. Their interactions have had the fans buzzing and laughing. Chelsea has taken to her Karen-like character and thrived. Often getting big reactions from crowds that might be quiet, especially during Austin Theory matches.

This shouldn’t shock anyone, to be honest. During the end of her first run with the WWE, shortly after her release Mick Foley posted on Twitter:

It was a ringing endorsement from the WWE Hall of Famer.

As Chelsea is showing now, when healthy and given the proper TV time she can get the fans invested in her. She even went as far as posting her new WWE Tee Shirts: “Let Me Speak to the Manager” and “Do You Know Who I Am?” to which fans returned the love and showed their support with their newly purchased Chelsea Green Tee.

In some cases, Pearce, Saxton, and Green have even involved current and former WWE wrestlers in their conversations to the tune of Lance Storm (who happened to assist with training Chelsea), Sam Roberts, and Johnny Gargano at the Mattel headquarters no less. These segments or shorts she has posted on her Twitter feed are nothing short of entertaining.

As the WWE worked her into her Wrestlemania spot with Sonya Deville, someone called them tag teaming, the Complaint Department which is a perfect fit. To her continued pestering of Adam Pearce, Green is one of the characters to watch in the WWE as the draft comes up. Which show will she end up being on, and how long before she and Sonya get a chance at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles?

Right now, the sky is the limit for Chelsea Green.

To me, a Karen-type character should scream heel. But the way the fans are reacting to her both in and out of the ring and on social media. We might see Chelsea be over big as a fan favorite, and that's exactly why Mick Foley gave her a major rub. The WWE was wise in bringing her back into the fold. It’s in Chelsea’s hands now to see just how far over this character can and does go.

Maul It Over.



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