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Matt Riddle’s First Post-WWE Booking Announced For MCW’s Winter Blast Tour

“The Original BRO” is returning.

Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) issued a press release to officially announce the arrival of former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle.

The former UFC and Ultimate Fighter veteran is scheduled for his first post-WWE booking on February 3rd, 2024 as part of MCW’s “Winter Blast Tour.”

Check out the announcement below.

Brooooooooo ??????????

Former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle joins the 2024 Winter Blast Tour as we hit the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department ???? on Saturday, February 3rd??

Meet Matt Riddle, NWA superstars Bryan Idol, Natalia Markova and ALL your favourite MCW Pro Wrestling superstars and the pre-show meet & greet ????


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