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Matt Hardy – ‘Splitting The Usos Was Very WWE-Ish’

Matt Hardy believes WWE made the wrong decision by splitting up The Usos at SummerSlam 2023, a decision which was confirmed during this week’s episode of SmackDown.

On last night’s show, Jimmy Uso said he betrayed Jey Uso because he loves his brother and didn’t want him to become a Roman Reigns-esque tyrant as Tribal Chief.

Jey Uso would superkick his brother after taking out Reigns Reigns and Solo Sikoa and would end SmackDown by ‘quitting’ WWE.

On his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy explained why he feels WWE made the wrong call. He said,

“Maybe they have some ingenious plan worked out, and it’s gonna turn into a story that blows us all away. I would rather have not seen Jimmy turn on Jey, in the big scheme of things. I loved the fact that the Usos had been such an important part of the story, I loved the fact that they had each other’s back, and I loved that Jey ended up making the decision to step away from Roman and go with his brother. And just for Jimmy to come back, I mean, it’s very WWE-ish, right?

“I wouldn’t have wanted to split up the Usos, because I think they’re a great tag team, I think they’re most valuable when they’re together, as opposed to feuding against each other or having a big match on a big PLE. I would rather have seen Jimmy return to it and still have Jey’s back in some way. I don’t know where I would have taken the angle, I haven’t really thought about that. I try and sit back and enjoy it, watching just as a spectator … But I wasn’t crazy about the idea of Jimmy betraying Jey and joining back up with Roman.”

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