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Matt Cardona – ‘Chelsea Green Was Never Afraid Of Vince McMahon Unlike Me’

On a recent edition of the “Swerve City Podcast,” Matt Cardona spoke about the experiences he and his partner, Chelsea Green, shared in WWE.

While Matt Cardona took some time to grow comfortable enough to pitch concepts to Vince McMahon directly, Chelsea Green never had any reservations about walking into Vince McMahon’s office.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On learning how to get things done in WWE: “Toward the tail end of my run in WWE, I … grew up, not only as a wrestler, but I grew up as a man. Listen, the writers are the writers, but I’m not f**king going to the writers. Go to f**king Vince.”

On Chelsea Green’s comparative approach at the company: “She did not grow up loving wrestling. To her, Vince was just her boss. … She had no problem going in and asking questions or pitching stuff, where, for me, like I said, the first couple years I was petrified to knock on his door.”


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