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Mark Henry Explains Why CM Punk Going Backstage At WWE RAW Wasn’t A Big Deal

CM Punk being backstage at WWE RAW on Monday night was talked about on today’s episode of Busted Open Radio as the AEW wrestler was there visiting friends. 

CM Punk briefly spoke with Triple H and cleared the air with The Miz before being asked to leave after entering the venue for the visit that lasted around 20 minutes.

Mark Henry, a WWE Hall of Famer and current on-air personality for AEW, don’t think it’s a big deal.

“You know what, man? I’ve said this before. There’s never been a problem, even at AEW. We have wives, husbands, best friends, business partners come into AEW world all the time. And most of the time, you never know they were there,” Mark Henry said. “You never know unless some damn glory hound in the back is like, ‘Oh, I want to get famous. Let me post his photo. Let me post this video.’

“Or you work in the building, and you take a snapshot of a security photo, and you post it ala Ricky Starks at Royal Rumble. This sh*t happens all the time. Why Punk? Because he’s polarizing. Because it will make big news. Punk has got friends at WWE that’s like brothers to him. You’re in his town in Chicago. You’re not going to come see me?

“I was here at my house, hugging my daughter, watching Loud House. And my phone rings, and it’s Vince McMahon. And Vince goes, ‘Hey, are you in Austin?’ And I go, yeah, and he goes, ‘You’re not going to come down to the arena and hug my neck? I’m here.’ Hey, man. I’ll be right down there. No problems, no stress. There’s interactions with people. I’m not gonna put everybody else business in the street. I just told you my story. It happens all the time.

“Now, was he wanted there? Obviously not. But if I’m not wanted, guess what? We ain’t gonna make a big deal about it. Hey, bro, just call me when your show is over. That’s all it would have been. But people are making it out like, oh, he went there looking for a job or — no.

“Everybody at AEW knows that it happens. And anybody that makes a big deal about it, then they’re going to have to change the policy for everybody. If something changed, and you gotta have that for Punk, then you’ve gotta have it for everybody. So it’s not a big deal.”

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