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Mark Henry Assesses How WWE Has Handled Ricochet

Ricochet looks to be wrapping up his time with WWE in the coming weeks as his contract winds down. "The One and Only" has reportedly decided to part ways with the company shortly, which has led to an evaluation by WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry who discussed where WWE went wrong with Ricochet on a recent edition of "Busted Open Radio."

"He can very easily be put in the shadow of people because Ricochet is a good guy," Mark Henry said. "He's very professional, and he also doesn't like confrontation and making waves. The squeaky wheel, he is not the squeaky wheel, and if there was ever a case for him to be one, I could point out about three times that he should have said, 'No, I'm not f**king losing to him. If he can beat me up, then, yeah, but no. I've been doing business and you're all going to kill me off.' I would have told them, 'You're going to kill me off.'"

Mark Henry admitted that he wasn't happy that Ricochet lost to Logan Paul at SummerSlam 2023, despite Logan Paul using brass knuckles to gain the upper hand. Mark Henry admitted that because WWE puts so much emphasis on entertainment, winning and losing doesn't mean as much, but in the case of Ricochet, having too many big losses on his record has lowered his value in the company. 

In his six-year career with WWE, Ricochet won the North American Championship and the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Classic during his time in "NXT," before winning the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, and Speed Championship on the main roster.

Thank you to "Busted Open Radio" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: WWE

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