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WWE Survivor Series is set to take place in two weeks in Chicago, with the show set to feature the return of WarGames to the main roster.

The men’s match was officially announced on this week’s Raw show, with the Judgment Day set to face off against Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes, and Sami Zayn in the bout.

However, WWE has been advertising that the men’s match will be a 5 v 5 match, with one additional member slated to be added to each team.

Since Triple H took over as WWE’s head of creative, more big storylines have been planned ahead of time, and that’s the case with WarGames this year.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), the combatants for the men’s match have been planned for quite some time, with potential spoilers to follow in this article, so please turn away if you do not wish to risk being spoiled.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Drew McIntyre was being considered for the WarGames match this year, but Fightful has added to that, noting that he’s actually been planned for months now.

It was specifically noted that Drew had been planning for the heel Judgment Day team in the match to make their side a five-man team.

As for the babyface side, the plan since the Summer has been for the babyface side to be capped off with a returning Randy Orton, with his reveal being tentatively planned before the day of the show to avoid any speculation about it being CM Punk.

It’s worth noting that plans can always change, but Orton and McIntyre have been the planned last members of the teams for months now.

There is also said to be a Women’s WarGames match planned for the show, which was made apparent following the end of Friday night’s SmackDown show.


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