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Current IWGP United Kingdom Champion Will Ospreay has made a lot of news in recent days, with him recently appearing at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory event.

Ospreay defeated Mike Bailey in an incredible match on the show, with Ospreay sharing very positive words on his time in the company.

Following the show, speculation has emerged that Ospreay could eventually sign with IMPACT (soon to be rebranded back to TNA) in February when his contract expires with NJPW.

In an update from Fightful Select (subscription required), Ospreay had a very positive experience in Chicago at IMPACT, with him noting that he wanted to return before his deal with NJPW expires in February

Fightful was told by several that Ospreay’s next contract will likely be heavily financially motivated, with him realizing this will likely be the most important deal of his career.

It was reported earlier today that Ospreay was being represented by Barry Bloom in February when his deal expires.

Bloom has represented many top wrestling stars over the years, including most recently the Elite during their contract renewal with AEW.

In regards to AEW and WWE, both companies were aware that Ospreay had hired Bloom by August, with him doing so in the Spring of this year.


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