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Major Name Returns At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory 2023

A major free agent appeared at Bound for Glory last night.

Matt Cardona has made his return to IMPACT Wrestling at last night's Bound for Glory PPV.

Matt Cardona appeared as a surprise entrant in the Call Your Shot match, entering at the #11 slot and making it through until the final three. There, the self-proclaimed Death Match King amassed five eliminations before being taken out by Jordynne Grace. Jardynne Grace would go on to win the bout, toppling Bully Ray and announcing that she'll challenge for the Knockouts Title at Hard to Kill in January.

Matt Cardona's appearance at Bound for Glory was a one-off, although both parties are open to working together in the future. Right now, the former NWA Worlds Champion has no interest in signing a full-time contract with the Anthem promotion.

Matt Cardona wasn't the only surprise name to be a part of the Call Your Shot match, Juventud Guerrera and Sonny Kiss also made shock appearances in the bout. Of course, Sonny Kiss recently parted ways with AEW, with Tony Khan opting to not renew the Concrete Rose's contract this summer. Whether Sonny Kiss ends up becoming a permanent part of the IMPACT roster, remains to be seen.


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