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The 2023 WWE Draft is set to get underway on this Friday’s (April 28) episode of SmackDown.

The Draft is set to serve as a reset for the company, including the introduction of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship on this week’s Monday Night Raw show.

However, it seems as though the introduction of a second world championship could lead to a major change to the Premium Live Event schedule.

Per WRKD Wrestling, following the announcement of the Draft and the introduction of the new World Heavyweight Championship, the company has discussed the idea of returning to brand-exclusive premium live events.

WWE held brand-exclusive live events during their second brand split between 2016 and 2018, before all events became co-branded.

The upcoming events up until SummerSlam are seemingly all set to remain co-branded, with them all set to be major ‘international’ events in Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia and London respectively.

The introduction of the New World Heavyweight Championship has allowed the opportunity for more stars on the roster to get an opportunity at the championship during Roman Reigns’ ongoing run.


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