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Live from Portland

The opening segment felt like a rehash of the backstage segments that MJF has been having for the last few weeks just not The Acclaimed.

Opening the show with this match feels like a return to the Dynamite that was winning rating against NXT. Daniel Garcia against MJF is a good match on paper. Both are young talented individuals. MJF starts out with some technical wrestling. He also taunted Garcia with his dance. MJF as usual has the fans eating out of the palm of his hand. He called for a chant of sportsmanship and got it. MJF also poked Garcia in the eyes when Daniel went to dance. Daniel Garcia did a nice combo of double knees in the corner then roll out to a vertical suplex. According to commentary this is the first time that two men under 30 have fought for the World Title. I guess Sammy being 30 disqualified the Four Pillars match a few months back. MJF tried for a Panama Sunrise but missed. Garcia with one arm did a piledriver for a two count. Daniel Garcia then hooks in the Dragon Tamer but MJF reverses into the Salt of the Earth. MJF retains. I wish this match would have gone the distance. It sucks that we already know that at Full Gear it will be MJF against Jay White even if TK throws out potential ways it can be changed.

This match it going to be a easy match. The winners can be seen from just the card. The surprising fact is that this is Sting's second match in Oregon. HIs other match was way back in 1989. Sting did a nice no sell. The Outrunners spinning in triumph was nice. Sting wins with the Scorpion Deathlock. Super quick match like it should have been.

The Tony Schiavone sit down with Toni Storm and Shida was nice. Toni's character work with being Timeless is nice. The black and white aspect of the segment is really setting it apart from the rest of the show.

It is nice that commentary is attempting to give this match some story. Playing on Penta El Zero Meido being a family man. Swerve goes for the mask quickly. This match has favored Swerve. In the early goings Penta did not get much offense in. Swerve did a flip out of the ring just to get super kicked by Penta. Penta would follow that up by gerring in the ring and vaulting himself out. Penta and Swerve mid match are able to reverse and block each other. This portrayed an even match up between the two men. Penta would eventually hit a Canadian Destroyer on the apron. Penta snaps the arm of Swerve. If this was Lucha Underground he would have broken his arm. Penta then hits a Made in Japan for a two count. Swerve is able to take control and deliver a Death Valley Driver followed up by attempting to break Penta's Arm. A Swerve Stomp for the victory. Adam Page comes out to save Penta from losing his mask after the match.

The Elite getting mad at Kenny is a weird angle. It works even without anything at stake. I would rather have the Golden Jets pursuing individual storylines but this is still nice. A Full Gear match is set up. The stakes is no more Golden Jets or Golden Jets gets the AEW Title Shot owed to Young Bucks. Kenny even fired some shots at the Young Bucks.

Two big powerhouses going against each other for the TV title. Keith runs over Joe. Keith is beating down Samoa Joe. Taz points out this is the first singles match between the two men. Joe is able to turn the tide and lay in some powerful blows of his own. This match is a slug fest. It is two differing styles of brawling going on. Samoa Joe almost has a boxing style while Keith Lee has a slugger style mixed with some traditional wrestling chops. When Joe starts to wrestle he does a dragon screw to Keith Lee. Keith Lee was able to pull of a massive German Suplex. Keith Lee is able to pull of a Pop Up Powerbomb but not as high as usual. Samoa Joe kicks out at two. Joe is able to slip behind and put Keith Lee in a Rear Naked Choke. Paul Turner stops the match awarding the win to Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe vacated the RoH Television Championship. He states the next gold he will hold will be the AEW World Championship. How that gets him the result he wants I don't know.

Guns versus a Dynamite Debuting Bollywood Boys. Match didn't last long enough for me to find a picture and type out the first sentence. 3:10 to Yuma for a squash victory.

I know I have not commented on it, but the transformation of Julia Hart from Cheerleader to what she is now is amazing. So glad she did not go the way of Varsity Blonds. It is also nice to see Red Velvet back in action. Velvet does have a heavily braced knee. Red Velvet does get Julia Hart into the corner to throw some painful looking body shots. Julia Hart regains control. Red Velvet gets to the outside. On the ramp, Red Velvet does a horrible looking kick. It looked like it just barely touched. Hart still sold it. Julia Hart would win the match with a moonsault.

Sky Blue came out after the match. Her make up and the use of the mist reminds me of Winter from TNA.

This is another first time meeting in singles competition. At stake is the match at Full Gear against MJF> The broadcast will stick with this match until finished. Sucks that they have moved away from the TV Time remaining. The match starts with some basic chain wrestling. Mark Briscoe has control of the match early on. Briscoe is able to get a two count after a suplex. Mark delivers a drop kick between the top and middle rope. Gunn Club provides a distraction as Mark is getting back in the ring. This allowed Jay White to take control. Jay fakes an injury to allow the rest of Bullet Club Gold to attack. After a bit, the two men start to exchange blows in the center of the ring. Briscoe gets the upper hand of that. A Jay driller was blocked by a back drop. Blade Runner by Jay White wins the match.


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