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Lio Rush Would Love To “Show Face” In IMPACT, Talks Recent Match Against KUSHIDA

Lio Rush is hopeful he can wrestle for IMPACT again soon.

Lio Rush who is nicknamed The Man of the Hour recently faced off against KUSHIDA at the NJPW/IMPACT Multiverse United event. Lio Rush spoke about this match and the experience he had against the Japanese legend during a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm.

“IMPACT was incredible. I think that was a huge milestone for me in my career. I’ve been to a lot of different promotions, a lot of independent promotions, a lot of different television promotions and I’ve done it all at a fairly young age. I’m proud of that, and IMPACT is another one of those places where I grew up watching and idolizing the wrestlers who were in the X-Division and the product was so exciting to watch. I was a huge fan of the video game. I played the video game back in the day”.

Staying on the subject, the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush expresses his desire to show face in IMPACT at some point in his future.

“Wrestling for IMPACT nonetheless was incredible, it was a feel-good moment, and it was cool that I was able to wrestle against a legend in KUSHIDA. I feel like it was a match made in heaven and it was supposed to happen, I’d love to show face in IMPACT in the future, hopefully, that happens. Yeah, a lot going on right now, and like I said, you never know. If that opportunity came, I’d be ready to make my own impact”.


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