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Light the Fuse time for anther Dynamite Review.

This Adam Cole birthday edition of Dynamite came from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

The action kicked off with a quarterfinal match in the Blind Eliminator Tournament. The reunited Swerve in Our Glory against Darby and Orange. They showed a pre-tape that supposedly sowed discourse in Swerve in Our Glory but that was already going to be there. A waste of airtime in my opinion. It should have been Lee playing the mind games against Darby. Darby started with a statement slap. Keith Lee was not happy with that. Keith Lee's power and big man presence really fits with the style of match that his two opponents fight. The repeat finishers to Keith Lee was a nice way to show he is a power house. Swerve's tag was also a nice but weird way to make the hidden tag. Orange Cassidy is showing three different areas on his body that is hurt. His lower back, upper back/neck, and hand. During the commercial break Keith and Swerve worked together showing glimmers of this being more than a one off. Keith Lee locked a bear hug in on Orange Cassidy. Orange Cassidy has lots of resilience. Also trapping Darby under the steps was a nice way to get him out of the match for a bit. Then Keith Lee stepping on them. Even if they gimmicked the stairs in someway that has to still be painful. However, the code red made it look like nothing happened with the stairs. Orange breaking away from the pin and making Swerve hit the 450 on Keith may have been the start of the dissolution of Swerve and Keith Lee. Darby pins Swerve for the victory. An obvious outcome with the two men that were against Swerve In Our Glory. Although it would have been nice for the later to continue just a little longer. TK probably has Adam Cole and MJF to fill that dysfunctional but winning team. Like Team Hell No was for Danielson and Kane.

After the match they went to Darby talking about Buddy Wayne and his son the soon to be debuting Nick Wayne. Really talking up Nick Wayne. Which if you are reading this and have not seen Nick Wayne look him up. He is amazing.

Tony then met Jungle Boy as he arrived. Jungle Boy said he was heading to Tony Khan's office to demand an FTW match. Hook attacked and Jungle Boy ran again. It would be a shame if this does not culminate in a cage match. AEW has only had eight cage matches but that statistic includes two Blood and Guts matches.

Trios Action saw the Acclaimed with Daddy Ass take on the Bolywood Boys and Blade. This is obviously a throw away match that at one point would have been on dark. The biggest question is Where is Kip Sabian? He should have been teaming with Blade. That or find some other local talent to team with the Bollywood Boys. Max Caster wins with the Mic Drop.

QTV with Holly Cameron is a weird storyline. I can see it as part of the storytelling device to further QT Marshall's group and the Acclaimed but it doesn't make sense.

Spoiler for NJPW Independence Night 2. Eddie Kingston won his match against KENTA. Winning his first Japanese title. Sorry Jamie for spoiling Eddie Kingston as the New Openweight Champion, but it is Excalibur's fault.

A new blind eliminator team is announced. Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. Two people familiar with the format as past participants of the TNA Joker's Wild Tournament. Check out a look at previous tournaments like the blind eliminator here.

Jericho received a large ovation for the crowd. He opens his promo by saying he might need to re-evaluate his career since he has been losing more big matches than winning them. Jericho miss hears Stu as Boo. Jericho lied and said wrestling is everything for him. A lie because he is still touring with Fozzy and plans on debuting a new song at Wimbledon. Back to the show, Don Callis comes out to what seems to be a lower register chord being struck. The fans are clearly chanting "Fuck you Callis!" Callis is trying to take credit for the reinvigoration of Jericho's career by calling him and having him go to NJPW. Chris is definitely taking the face route in this exchange. Hard to be a heel against. Callis. Callis asked Jericho to join the Don Callis Family. I guess that is the new name for his faction. Jericho teases he might join it but he also said he does not join factions he makes them.

A medical update on Roderick Strong. He is making progress and they will take time to make sure he gets back to full strength. Adam Cole pops in to tell Roderick to listne to the doctor.

MJF is comedic with how he is interacting with Adam Cole; copying his entrance moves. Their opponents is Butcher and Matt Menard. The Butcher and Matt Menard jump Cole and MJF. Butcher is really sunburnt. MJF and Menard start the official match with some good action. A rare abdominal stretch by MJF. I remember they used to happen all the time in the 1990s. MJF then gets beatdown by his opponents this of course will lead to a hot tag. Come back from break to another abdominal stretch. Menard pulling on Butcher's arm to increase pain like Adam Cole did earlier for a brief spot. Butcher and Menard switch. Man three in one match after I call them rare. Cole then sees his first legal action with the hot tag. Once Cole had everything taken care of MJF calls to do a double clothesline. He really wants that to be their finisher. Cole ignores him and picks up the win. A small birthday party after the match.

Renee Paquette is in the back with Britt Baker DMD. She doesn't care what people say about her. Ruby can't take two things from her. Her pride and being the first Owen Hart Tournament Winner. The build of last weeks promo towards the next match.

Daniel Garcia and Sammy confront Jericho about maybe joining the Don Callis Family. Renee uses this moment to unveil Garica and Guevara as a tag team in the Blind Eliminator Tournament. Jericho tells them to show him who can lead. I may have a favorite to win the tournament now. By my calculations of a Quarterfinal two more teams to be announced.

The two ladies start with some good old fashioned chain wrestling before Ruby exited the ring. Britt botched a suplex. At least that is what it looked like. These ladies were looking great until that point. Maybe it was a Sabu move; listen to RVD here for more on that. The ladies are picking back up the steam I feel they lost on the potential botch. Nice close fall after interference by the rest of the Outcasts and a No Future. Britt reversed a LockJaw attempt by Soho. They go outside and Saraya suffers a superkick. Ruby Soho wins. Ruby runs from the ring and Sky Blue her opponent next week meets her on the top of the ramp.

The main event of Kenny Omega and Wheeler Yuta is a match that can either be a instant classic as both men are highly talented or a easy win for Omega. No matter what it is being used to further the story towards Blood and Guts later this month. Yuta did capture the win at Anarchy in the Arena. The actual match starts with Wheeler delivering some hard chops and receipts by Kenny. The commentary team pointed out that Kenny has lost his last two singles matches. The match of the year against the Billy Goat Will Ospreay and Jon Moxley. The You Can't Escape showed Kenny at least feigning his neck being hurt. I hope it was a fake and not real issue. Yuta has had control for most of the match. The fact that Kenny continually misses the first V trigger seems to have became one of his greatest hits. Yuta Wheeler also pulled out one of his greatest hits by falling out the bottom rope just to rebound. Yuta escapes the One Winged Angel and makes a pin. I think Rick Knox was as slow as he is in FightForever on making the pin. Konoske Takeshita interferes as Don Callis provides a distraction. One Winged Angel Kenny wins.

Hung Buck hit the ring to stop the beat down. Dynamite goes off air mid save.

Downside: The Gym vignette of MJF and Adam Cole. Too buddy buddy even if they are both obviously pretending. The weird paring of Blade and the Bollywood Boys. Outside the Blind Eliminator Tournament there is no need for teams like that. Throw away announcement of two more Blind Eliminator teams. Brian Cage and Big Bill against Trent? and Matt Sydal. Interference like done in the Omega Match needs to end the match no kicking out after. What was done twice tonight is being over used.

Upsides: MJF mimicking Adam Cole during his entrance. No chance for a Owen Hart Memorial Tournament repeat winner. MJF being the only winner of the Dynamite Diamond is really annoying. The reminder that Nick Wayne will debut next week.


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