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News On CM Punk

After recent teases that CM Punk could be returning to AEW, here’s the latest reported update on the status of it happening.

Speculation has gone back to the MJF vs Bryan Danielson feud during which MJF repeatedly called himself the “best in the world”, which, whether it was or wasn’t, plenty of fans took as a reference to CM Punk.

Past that, CM Punk has become a lot more active on social media lately, specifically Instagram, and it seems there have been some clues on there that he might be preparing for a comeback.

The latest of those was CM Punk posting a comment referencing a backstage fight between Koko Ware and Steve Keirn, mentioning the fact that Jerry Lawler brought them into the office the following day and they squashed their issues.

The implication would seem to be, or at least this is what people are taking it to mean, that CM Punk wants to do the same.

Dave Meltzer addressed the comment on Wrestling Observer Radio and pointed out that he has heard from other people that CM Punk is “looking to get back in”.

Meltzer has said:

“What it says is that he wants back in. We’ve already known, other people have said that too, that he’s looking to get back in.

“It’s up to Tony (Khan) and Tony’s gonna make a decision at some point.

“He’s probably just about ready, if not ready already, from the torn triceps, so it is one of those things that he can do soon enough.”


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