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LA Knight Comments On Fans Chanting His Name At WWE Press Conference In Saudi Arabia, Hopes To Keep

LA Knight is one of WWE’s fastest rising stars, and the former Million Dollar Champion hopes his popularity continues to grow.

This was one of the topics that LA Knight spoke about during a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, which includes him commenting on the incredible reception he got at the WWE press conference in Saudi Arabia, a press conference that he wasn’t even at. LA Knight begins by telling Van Vilet he was in his hotel and thought that it was only a few fans who were chanting his name.

Well, first of all, I was sitting in my hotel room in Saudi Arabia. So, I wasn’t even there, I wasn’t even at the actual press event. So, somebody sent it to me on Instagram, I think. Actually, first before they even sent it to me, I saw somebody else in my stories and they were chanting LA Knight’s name at the thing. I’m like, okay, yeah, sure what it was probably like three people doing it.

LA Knights says he later saw the video and realized that it was much more than a few fans who were chanting his name.

Then I see the video, and I’m like, Oh, damn, all right. I was, it’s right there, so that was pretty wild. But, you know, I’m also the worst at that really letting something like that get to me. Like I can acknowledge it, but that’s like, okay, that’s cool, now what? So, I love and hate that about myself. Because I’m like, sometimes it’s like, well, why don’t we just take a second to appreciate this? But I, for whatever reason, whether it’s a flaw or virtue or mix of the two, I just can’t. And I’m just like, alright, that’s cool. Now let’s continue on and make this better and bigger.

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