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Kurt Angle Discusses WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2024

Kurt Angle has provided his thoughts on WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony this year, as well as which legends he was most proud to see inducted. On "The Kurt Angle Show", Kurt Angle shared his love for Muhammad Ali, stating that Muhammad Ali was one of his greatest sports idols throughout his life, while also listing one other athlete who was one of his most significant inspirations.

"Muhammad Ali was one of the biggest sports heroes of my life. I love the guy, I love the showman he was, I love the athlete he was, he was just incredible and what he's been able to do for African-Americans and you know, being a leader in that community is just incredible, I have the utmost respect for Muhammad Ali," Kurt Angle declared. "He was the one guy I really looked up to, him and Rocky from the movie 'Rocky,' those are my two best athletes even though one isn't a real person." 

Kurt Angle also discussed Paul Heyman's induction into the Hall of Fame, explaining that he loved working with the former ECW owner throughout his career, and thought he was a key factor in helping former Universal Champion Roman Reigns' story last as long as it did. "Paul, he was my favourite to work with, he came up with so many incredible storylines and the way he was able to carry himself and how he's always prepared ... I mean he comes up with the best stuff and what he's been able to do with Roman Reigns these past few years is nothing short of incredible. I mean he kept that storyline very intriguing you know? I thought it was gonna get kind of boring and run out ... but he really did a great job of keeping that storyline going it was incredible."

Thank you to "The Kurt Angle Show" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: WWE

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