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Kevin Nash Talks Whether WWE Should Have Stopped Over The Edge 1999 After Owen Hart’s Passing

Kevin Nash recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Kliq This podcast. 

During it, Kevin Nash talked about Owen Hart passing away on May 23rd, 1999, after a tragic accident at the WWE Over the Edge pay-per-view when he was trying to make a superhero like entrance from the ceiling of the arena while being lowered down.

“I wasn’t there. I think Jeff Jarrett went out after that, he and Owen were best friends. He was clearly passed when he went by Jeff, and Jeff had to go out there and perform. I know that when my mom passed away and I went to the arena, and Vince made it my call. ‘You want to get on a plane? What do you want to do?’ And I said ‘Well, she’s not going anywhere.’ There’s a … I can’t see any of the boys, if it was us, and they passed, I couldn’t see any of us want to make the whole show start over. I don’t think that Vince is a callous human being. I think that he looked at everything from that situation and made what he thought that was the best call. That’s why I have a real hard time saying I would do anything otherwise, because he’s worth $9 billion. So obviously he’s got a little bit of game.”


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