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Kevin Nash Rubbishes Triple H, Stephanie McMahon Divorce Rumours

"F*** it, I wish somebody would've told me that!" says Triple H on Stephanie McMahon's divorce talk.

Paul 'Triple H' Levesque has seemingly debunked online rumours that he and his wife Stephanie McMahon have gotten divorced, doing so indirectly, through Kevin Nash's podcast.

Kevin Nash spoke on the gossip during a recent episode of Kliq This. The former Diesel texted his old friend after hearing about the rumours, asking if everything was okay, and sharing what social media was saying about his marriage.

Per Kevin Nash (h/t

"My phone blew up because I guessed it must have come out around three or 4:00. My phone blows up. And I'm thinking, Oh, God, who died?.... Wrestling news or whatever, I'm opening it up. I haven't talked to Paul in a week. So I'm thinking like, well, I don't know. I'm pretty sure if the divorce was considered to be filed, it might have been something we talked about. I guess that was more important at that point, So I texted Paul. I said, ‘You okay? Everything all right? I’m here if you need anything.’ He’s just like, ‘What’s happening in my life?’ I said, ‘Social media says that you’re splitting with Stephanie and you guys are getting a divorce.’ He responds to me, ‘F**k it, I wish somebody would have told me that before I get dragged to this JV football game and my girls’ f***ing cheerleading!'”

And if that wasn't a strong enough rebuttal, Kevin Nash continued with more from Paul Levesque:

"He says, ‘I just love to find out about what's going on in my life through the internet.’ And I'm sure that probably that would upset me because he finally probably has a day off where he's it's family time and it's just like, ‘No, man.’ It's like some trolls got to f*** with you on your on your off day. He's going to see his daughter in the game. Cheering in the game. Steph, probably that morning, said, ‘You're going to go into that s***hole today. Are you going to come to the game, Paul?’ And yeah. And then you got to deal with life in the public eye, right? I mean, what are you going to do?"

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been married since 25 October 2003, meaning they are rapidly approaching their 20th anniversary.


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