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Kayfabe Clips: The Rock's Hilarious Shower Surprise Interview with Michael Cole.

Get ready for a side-splitting interview like no other as Michael Cole finds himself face-to-face with none other than The Rock, fresh out of the shower! In this uproarious video, witness the hilarious encounter between Cole and the electrifying People's Champion.

As the interview begins, Cole is taken aback by The Rock's unorthodox entrance, still dripping wet from his shower. But little does Cole know that he's about to become the target of The Rock's trademark wit and charm. The Great One unleashes his razor-sharp humor, roasting Cole with his legendary mic skills.

Throughout the interview, The Rock playfully dubs his post-shower state as "The People's Strudle," bringing his unique blend of charisma and comedy to the forefront. With every quip and gesture, he leaves Cole struggling to keep up while the audience erupts in laughter.

Watch as The Rock masterfully dresses down Michael Cole, delivering a series of comedic jabs that have become his trademark. From hilarious insults to unforgettable catchphrases, this interview is a rollercoaster of entertainment that showcases The Rock's incredible ability to captivate the crowd and leave them in stitches.

Don't miss a single moment of this uproarious encounter between The Rock and Michael Cole! Whether you're a fan of The Rock's electrifying charisma or just looking for a good laugh, this video is guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish. Get ready to witness The People's Strudle in action as The Rock takes control of the interview and leaves us all in stitches!

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