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KAYFABE CLIPS: The Body is set to face The King in Memphis

Jesse Ventura has invaded the Memphis territory, and as the new champion, he says he's not concerned with Jerry Lawler's challenge


Jesse The Body Ventura wasted no time capturing the Southern Heavyweight title when he got to Memphis. And that doesn't sit too well with Jerry Lawler.

Lawler tells Lance Russell that come Monday night at the Memphis Coliseum, he's planning on getting the championship back. It's a belt that Lawler knew very well - and one that he held more than anyone else. Ventura seemed to be just another in a long line of dastardly heels that came to town to try and knock The King off his throne.

However, the massive and powerful Ventura says that Lawler can't hold a candle to him.

Both men would go on to become household names in both pro wrestling and pop culture, eventually reaching the WWE Hall of Fame. Lawler would become an iconic voice on cable television, and his feud with the late comedian Andy Kaufman made him famous worldwide, and was later chronicled in the major motion picture 'Man on the Man'. The film, starring Jim Carrey, was a biopic on the life of the eccentric TV-star-turned-wrestling-heel.

Ventura would make worldwide headlines when he "shocked the world" by becoming the governor of Minnesota in 1999. Both men are heralded as being two of the most important figures in the history of modern sports entertainment.


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