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KAYFABE CLIPS: Terry Gordy forfeits the UWF Championship to The One Man Gang


After nearly six months as the inaugural champion of the Universal Wrestling Federation, an injured Terry Gordy is forced to vacate his title due to injury.

Terry Gordy and his Freebird brothers, Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, had been embroiled in multiple feuds, including a war with fan favorite 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams. It was Doc who many believed would be the one the dethrone Gordy but he had been taken out by the 'Birds. However, he still had a hand in history on this one.

Prior to Gordy's defense that night against The One Man Gang, Williams would rush the Freebirds, catching them off-guard. As Gordy tried to pull the Hayes from the ring, Doc delivered a knee drop across his arm.

Later in the night, Terry Gordy came to the ring for his showdown with Gang, but had his arm in a sling. Hayes explained to the referee and the audience that there would be no match that night; the champ was too injured to compete.

In a quick decision, the referee decided to award the big belt to OMG, and Michael Hayes was livid. For his part, Steve Williams had no allegiance with The Gang or his group, Devastation, Inc, but took great pleasure in the Freebirds' misery.

In the short history of the Universal Wrestling Federation, which was the new name Bill Watts gave his Mid-South Wrestling when he expanded it nationally, there were only four champions: In order, they were Gordy, Gang, Big Bubba Rogers (The Big Bossman), and the final titleholder, Dr. Death Steve Williams. The promotion was purchased and absorbed by the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions in mid-1987.


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