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KAYFABE CLIPS: RVD Inhales the WWE Championship at One Night Stand

In one of the most raucous environments in pro wrestling history, ECW Champion Rob Van Dam defeats John Cena and flies high over the WWE Universe

In what can only be described as a chaotic night in sports entertainment, the greatest hardcore promotion in American wrestling history took center stage at The Hammerstein Ballroom for ECW One Stand 2006. By the end of the night, the crowd in The Big Apple went home happy, because they got exactly what they wanted in the end.

This second incarnation of the pay-per-view series would see ECW titleholder Rob Van Dam defeat WWE Champion John Cena in the main event. It was a wild encounter, with the crowd heavily jeering Cena to the point that it seemed things might get out of hand. The Leader of Cenation - normally a babyface - was 'public enemy number one' that night. In fact, there was even a sign in the crowd that read: "IF CENA WINS, WE RIOT."

(They weren't kidding, either.)

The match turned out almost as wild as the atmosphere in the arena was. As things broke down and the ref went flying, Edge would appear under a helmet, only revealing himself after delivering a devastating spear to Cena. RVD then hit a frog splash and Paul Heyman made the three-count, as the entire building erupted.

The euphoria didn't last long, however, as Rob Van Dam would be forced to drop both championships not long after. He was then suspended by World Wrestling Entertainment after a charge of possessing marijuana and illegal prescription drugs while traveling by car with Sabu. And just like that? his huge run on top had gone up in smoke. He departed the company after that but would return at different times over the years.

The incident had minor legal ramifications for the two wrestlers, but forever damaged Van Dam's relationship with the company. Even still he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, capping off a career that easily earned 'five stars'.



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