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KAYFABE CLIPS: Kerry Von Erich joins forces with Mr. T

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Kerry Von Erich has been battling Gary Young and his gang all over World Class Championship Wrestling, and now he's finally enlisting some huge help from Hollywood

Kerry Von Erich comes out for an interview with announcer Marc Lowrence at ringside, but he lets everyone: he’s got a good friend with him. He's brought Mr. T with him as his backup

Known for his role years earlier as B.A. Baracus on the NBC series 'The A-Team', T had always been known as a Tinsel Town tough guy. Now, he explains that he’s come to Texas to watch The Modern Day Warrior's back, and he promises that he'll drop anyone who causes trouble.

Eventually, the pair are confronted by Gorgeous Gary Young, who tells Mr. T that he's "nothing without the A-Team".

Of course, T's claim to fame in terms of professional wrestling will always be a part of the 'Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection' of the mid-80s. Joining forces with Hulk Hogan to headline the first WrestleMania was a huge game-changer, and it launched the modern era of sports entertainment.


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