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KAYFABE CLIPS: David Crockett conducts a sit-down interview with Ric Flair At His Home

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The Nature Boy talks with the NWA Color COmmentator and shares his thoughts on the budding rivalry between himself and Dusty Rhodes

NWA Color Commentator David Crockett sits down with The Nature Boy Ric Flair, who shares his thoughts on the budding rivalry between him and Dusty Rhodes over the World Heavyweight Championship.

In what would become the NWA's greatest rivalry of the 1980s, Flair would maintain a steady grip on the Ten Pounds of Gold for the better part of the decade. However, The American Dream did manage to upset him for the title in 1986. Dusty would only hold the gold for two weeks before dropping it back to Flair.

Their long-running feud seemingly came to an end when Rhodes was fired, and he packed his bags for the World Wrestling Federation in 1988. Big Dust would join WCW later and the two men would cross paths again many times in the twilight of their careers. But their magical rivalry from years earlier could never be truly replicated.

YouTube: WWE

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