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Joe Hendry Says IMPACT Offered Him A Long-Term Contract Immediately Following Television Match With

Joe Hendry has a look back at his return to IMPACT in 2022.

The former Digital Media Champion spoke on the topic during a recent interview on the Wrestling Is Life Is Wrestling podcast with host Cody Deaner. Joel Hendry reveals that he was initially on a short-term deal with his old promotion, but they offered him a long-term contract immediately after his first match back against Jason Hotch.

I have to put over, I can’t put over Jason Hotch enough (for my first singles match back in IMPACT). He is such a Goddamn good worker and he made me look like a million bucks so, and again, it was the night after the big pay-per-view (Bound For Glory) as well and actually, we might be pulling the curtain back a bit here but I came back from that match — so we had the pay-per-view match, number one. Maybe as an agent, this will provide you (Deaner) with some pride. I was on a very short-term deal. Literally came back through the curtain and they told me, ‘We’re tearing up your deal and you’re getting a long-term deal.’ It was on the spot.

He later adds that Deaner was his agent for his match with Jason Hotch.

The first meaningful interaction (between myself & Deaner) is when you agented my first match in IMPACT, right? Am I right in saying that? You have a trait that I like a lot that not a lot of people have, which when you are asked a question or when you are given a piece of information, most people just talk whereas you go, ‘Mhm,’ and you’re not afraid to pause, think and then answer. So that’s a very good trait. That’s something I noticed.

Joe Hendry dropped the IMPACT Digital Media Championship to Kenny King at Slammiversary 2023.

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