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Jim Ross Thinks WWE Made A Mistake With Don Callis

Jim Ross recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Grilling JR podcast.

During the podcast, Ross said he thought WWE mishandled Don Callis when he worked for the company in 1997 while working as the manager for the short-lived faction The Truth Commission, under the name of The Jackyl. He said,

“Bad timing more than anything. If it had worked, it would not have been bad creative. But look at who he was managing. I did some commentary with him on some shows and realized right away he’s a hell of a talker… I thought that would be his calling as a broadcaster, not as a manager.

Not that he couldn’t be a manager and not that he couldn’t do a good job, just the fact that when you stumble across a guy that could really talk, is a good listener, and has the ability to talk in sound bytes so he’s not on and on and on, you’re lucky.

That’s how I looked at Don. Like I said, he was a good listener and he wanted to do well. We didn’t do a good job then, in my opinion, of maximizing the minutes for Don Callis. It was a mistake in how he was handled there. That might have been partially Don’s situation. Don had a lot of self-confidence. He had been around long enough to know all the good brothers and the bad brothers. I don’t know if that did him any favours, but he is a talented dude and we kind of blew it with him in that era, I thought.“


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