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Jim Ross Discusses The Development Of His New Book

Jim Ross had recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Grilling JR podcast. 

During it, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed the status of his new book that he’s working on. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of guys writing things for my next book. [Jerry] Lawler just sent me something overnight. I read it this morning. Got tears in my eyes, but I got, you know, Bret Hart’s written some stuff for me. And, among other people, John Cena was so gracious with his time and words. I didn’t know that John thought that of me. I’m not saying it negatively, but things are working out really well in that book. I’ve gotten through it all. I read the entire manuscript more than once. It will be the most unique book I’ve ever written with Paul O’Brien. And Paul does as he’s the lifeblood of this whole operation because his creativity is unparalleled. So I’ve got many of my buddies submitting things that people will be reading on the covers of the books. I hoped to get something from the Rock and Brian Gewirtz, one of the most creative guys I’ve ever been around. So he’s going to write something. Mick Foley wrote something which is heartwarming. So it’s going to be kind of cool. So that’s coming out in the spring, and it’ll be my 50th year in the wrestling business. It’s hard to remember. It’s hard to imagine. Conrad, in the world we live in….a guy like me, no fat kid from Oklahoma, can be in the wrestling business, which is kind of. It’s a little dicey at times, but it’s unique that I can have all these friendships where I would text a guy and say, Hey, would you mind writing, you know, three, 4, or 5 sentences from my book?

I didn’t have anybody turn me down. So it’s going to be really fun, and it’s going to be a good book. And I think it’s probably the most perfect book for a hardcore fan because it picks out calls I’ve made. But in this book, I tell you why I made that call, why I use those words and what it meant in the big picture. So if you want to be a broadcaster or just a hardcore fan of pro wrestling, and you want to learn, you want to take an advanced course. Conrad, this book has got your got your answers. There’s going to be good. So I’m hoping I hope it does well and hope folks will give it a shot. And we’ll keep you apprised here where you can buy it and where you can order it and all that good stuff. So it should be fun.”

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