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Jeff Jarrett Discusses The Reaction To AEW Bringing In Dennis Rodman

Jeff Jarrett gave his thoughts on various things on his latest My World with Jeff Jarrett


During it, the WWE Hall Of Jeff Jarrett talked about AEW bringing in Dennis Rodman for an appearance at Dynamite last week, the negative reaction to it and more. Dennis Rodman also appeared at last Sunday’s All Out PPV. Here are the highlights:

On the reaction to Dennis Rodman’s announcement: 

“Yeah. So let’s start when the initiative picked up steam and went through, I’ll call it kind of I’ll wash, you got to do legal, you got to do administrative work, you got to dot the I’s, cross the T’s on I’st, and then T’s. Production has to get a graphic. And you make you have to wait on approvals and edits and just the ordinary course of business. But Conrad, that tweet went out, the first tweet. That thing ended up getting over 2 million. What do they call that? Impressions. That thing. And I just do when the first time I saw it just skyrocket out? Let me ask you, who do you think was the first person I thought of? For whatever reason, I thought. Brother Bischoff, that NWO. because it’s in the wrestling space. But so Dennis is baskets, and I mean, the stars are also aligned with it. Social accounts are massive, but that thing took off like crazy. WGN, the local stuff picked it up, the national stuff. I got sent by our PR folks and several UK outlets, and that tweet was put out in the early afternoon. So it was late evening in the UK, and several articles were already picked up.”

On some fans thinking Dennis Rodman should not be part of AEW: 

“Just like the Texas Chains”w Massacre. Some people despise the fact I can’t believe they’re doing this. And I mean all the negative.”

h/t to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.

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