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Jay Briscoe Passes Away *Updated*

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Breaking News, Jamin Pugh AKA Jay Briscoe Has Tragically Passed Away.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jamin Pugh AKA Jay Briscoe.

The wrestling world has lost another shinning star. Jay Bricoe has passed away at age 38 from a car accident.

Although billed from Sandy Fork, Delaware, Bricoe was born Jamin Pugh in Slalisburg, Mariland on January 25, 1984. Jay and his brother Mark Bricoe were in their thirteenth reign as RoH Tag Team Champions.

He was also a two time World Heavyweight champion for RoH. Jay started with RoH on their first show, as the wrestling world mourns yet again for another star taken too soon.

The following was tweeted by Tony Khan, owner of AEW.

Sharing this news is absolutely terrible.

One-half of one of the best tag teams in the world has passed away, shocking the wrestling community.

We at Real Rasslin want to express our deepest sympathy to the Pugh family and his friends.

Please remember those impacted by this terrible tragedy and spare a thought for them at this truly difficult time.

*Update* The crash that took Jay Briscoe's life was a head on collision with another vehicle. The crash appears to have been caused by the second vehicle. Both Jay Briscoe and Lillyanne Ternahan, the driver of the other vehicle, were pronounced dead on the scene. An except from the police statement on the incident can be read here.


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