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Jake Roberts Shares What He’d Do As AEW’s Head Booker

What would AEW look like if the legendary Jake ‘The Snake Roberts was booking the matches for the shows?

Jake Roberts has been with AEW for years and on-screen serves as the manager for Lance Archer.

On “The Snake Pit” Jake Roberts followed up on previous claims of wanting to do some booking in AEW and shared what he would do. He said,

“As far as storylines and things go, Lance Archer would be involved, he would definitely be pushed. It’s a huge question to answer, it would be one that takes time. Yeah, I can give you storylines, but let’s sit down and look at this.”

Jake Roberts added that Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega would be on the top of his list of names he would want to push.

In previous comments, the WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts said he would feature a lot less high flying if he was AEW’s head booker.


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