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IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Changes Hands At Wrestle Kingdom 18

The Catch 2/2 tandem of TJP and Francesco Akira has defeated Bullet Club War Dogs' Clark Connors and Drilla Dan Moloney to capture the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 18. 

TJP emerged from a casket that he had been sealed in on December 21, sporting an attire inspired by Filipino folklore as an Aswang. Bullet Club War Dogs emerged with updated title belts featuring an all-white strap and shiny silver plates. The match, which opened the show, was fast-paced and furious, with the challengers starting by rushing the champions. 

Clark Connors choked TJP with a chain on the outside, and then back in the ring he and Dan Moloney isolated Francesco Akira to get back into the bout. TJP eventually broke free and made the save as he tagged in, but their rally was short-lived as the War Dogs regained control. TJP saved himself from defeat when he caught the referee's hand mid-count following a tandem finisher. He then bit Dan Moloney and spat mist in his face, with Catch 2/2 then hitting their tandem finisher to capture the titles. 

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