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Welcome guys to this week’s episode of AEW Collision. We have one hell of a main event for you this week. Its title vs record as MJF battles Kenny Omega for the AEW world championship. We also have the fallout from last week’s episode with the return of house of black. They made their presence felt last week so; let’s see what they have in store this week. But were kicking things off with the leader of the bang bang gang Jay White against AR Fox.

Match 1 – Jay White v AR Fox


White backs Fox into the corner with a shoulder to the midsection, and grounds him with a side headlock. Fox shrugs him off but is met with a shoulder block. Chops to the chest of Fox in the corner, Fox escapes and fires off some chops of his own. Cutter out of the corner from Fox, goes for another but White avoids. Dropkick by Fox sends White to the outside. Fox hits the rebound shooting star press off the ring post to take out White on the floor. I don’t think Fox gets the credit he deserves. The guy is so talented.

Fox sweeps the legs back in the ring, rolls forward into a suplex but White counters, half and half into the buckles by White. Hip toss from Switchblade gets a 1 count. Big back elbow takes AR Fox off his feet. Nice DDT to follow up. White shoves Fox to the floor and distracts the referee, allowing BC Gold to take advantage. Who doesn’t love BC Gold? All members are just so entertaining. White throws Fox into the barricades as Juice does celebratory laps. My point exactly. Just so much fun. Back in the ring, White hits a suplex for 2. Indian Death lock from Jay who then transitions into the Muta lock But Fox gets the ropes.

Both men to their feet, trading blows. Fox starts to get the upper hand, hits a springboard senton, and a tope con hilo to take out BC Gold. Back in the ring and dives again to take out White on the outside. Spinning michinoku driver followed by a Swanton bomb but White kicks out at 2. Crowd absolutely loved that sequence.

White and Fox battle on the top turnbuckle, White kicks him down but Fox with a springboard seated Spanish fly for 2. How athletic is Fox. Fox goes for the 450, misses, half nelson suplex by White is delivered, and the Blade runner connects. And that is all for this one. Pin by Jay and its 1 2 3.

Here is your winner – Jay White

What a match from these two guys. The result was obvious but AR Fox is an absolute star. He is so good in the ring. He makes the most difficult moves look so easy. He needs a push. Jay White is also incredible. Always been a huge fan.

Post-Match MJF attempts to get his triple B back but is surrounded by the Bang Bang Gang so escapes through the crowd.


Juice and White are still out from the previous match too. The Boys double team Austin, but Austin comes back with a shoulder block. Tag to Colten who hits a huge clothesline on one of the Boys. 3:10 to Yuma, 1, 2, 3.

Nothing really to add for this one. Absolute squash match. Building the Gunns strong but nothing to add. However you can never have too much of Bullet Club Gold.


Lexi Nair is standing backstage with the Hollywood Hunk Ryan Nemeth. Ryan says things have been going great for him in Hollywood, and he wants that to translate to AEW. He is outside CJ Perry’s dressing room, and knocks. The door opens but unfortunately for Nemeth it isn’t CJ Perry but Miro. Miro throws him inside, the door closes, and we hear him beating up Nemeth. This storyline could be so fun for Miro. If only Ryan Nemeth had a brother who he could call...


I think Hikaru Shida is in Ada Wong cosplay tonight. Looks pretty cool the ring is set up with Halloween-themed objects so expect to see crazy stuff in this one. Test of strength to begin but Abadon tries to bite the arm. Head scissor takeover from Abadon. They grabs weapons, Shida’s foam headstone is torn apart but she dropkicks Abadon anyway. In the corner, Shida goes for the 10 count punches, and hits a diving dropkick.

Abadon has now disappeared but appears from under the ring, attempting to drag Shida under with her. I told you all yesterday how bloody terrifying Abadon is but I love her. She is just something so different and it works. Abadon comes out from the other side of the ring, and uses a trashcan lid on Shida. Kneeling jawbreaker from Abadon gets 2. Abadon uses a skeleton bone to choke Shida against the ropes, until Shida fights back with a bone of her own. Yes I can’t believe I just wrote that either. A battle of the bones!

Snap suplex from Abadon gets another 2. She smashes Shidas face into the canvas and again uses the trashcan lid. Double axe handle from Shida as she tries to rally back. Abadon uses another foam headstone and then bites a chunk out of it. Terrifying again! Off the ropes, Shida hits a high running knee and gets out a broomstick. She goes up top, jumps off to ride the broom but Abadon avoids. This is crazy. Double clothesline takes both women down. Abadon has a baseball bat now, strikes Shida in the midsection. But Shida uses the bat to choke her opponent. Everything Shida tries has no effect, Abadon shrugs it all off. Lariat and a rollup gets 2. Now Abadon has candy in a bucket and spreads it on the canvas. Blockbuster into the candy but Shida kicks out at 2. They trade pinfall attempts. Shida now has a pumpkin and places it on Abadon’s head, hitting the Kitana spin kick to pick up the 3 count. What a crazy finish.

Here is your winner – and still AEW women’s champion, Hikaru Shida

That match was fun and crazy like we expected. Few fun spots. No real shock though. Abadon needs a push because she is so different from anyone else. It’s actually quite refreshing. Post-match Timeless Toni Storm comes out. I feel Toni will be the one to take the title of Shida. She has done absolutely amazing with this new character work and deserves it.


Joe with the jabs in the corner. Big chop to the chest. Titus catches him on a run and kicks him off, goes for a dive but Joe strolls out of the way. Joe hoists him to the top and goes for the muscle buster but Titus blocks it and gets a running kick, and another. Kokina clutch from Joe and Titus has to tap out at.

Here is your winner – Samoa Joe

Another squash match. No real challenge at the moment for Joes TV title. Guess we will just continue with squash matches until they have a plan.



The lights are out before the bell rings and the House of Black are in the crowd watching on. Who are they here for? Eyes on FTR or eyes on the AEW tag titles? Or both? Who knows? Go behind from both Starks and Dax as they are even in the early goings here. Collar and elbow tie up, Dax goes for a chop but Ricky dodges it. Shoulder block by Dax and a hip toss but Ricky kicks him off. They trade headlock takeovers until Starks begins to build momentum with chops. Harwood has chops of his own and his chops genuinely look like they hurt. A snap suplex, followed by a leg drop gets a 1 count.

Scoop slam, Dax up top, diving head butt but Starks rolls out of the way. Starks twists the arm and goes for the rope walk axe handle connects, followed by a Stone Cold-like leg lariat against the ropes. Leg drop across the throat on the apron by Starks. Undertaker style. Love it. Dax throws Starks to the outside, goes to baseball slide out but Starks traps him in the ring skirt a la Fit Finlay and wails on him. Stone Cold, Taker and Finley, old school wrestler love right here. Suplex on the ramp by Starks.


Back body drop to Dax on the floor. Ouch! Starks rolls him back in the ring but just gets a 2 count. Dax battles back with a chop in the corner and lifts Starks to the top buckle but Starks knocks him back down and delivers a diving dropkick for 2. Starks has Dax on his knees and just paintbrushes him, which riles up Dax. Big time chops in the corner as Harwood is fired up, and a back body drop of his own takes Starks down. Boot by Starks takes Dax to the canvas and Starks goes to the middle rope, but Dax is right there with him. Up to the top rope for a top rope superplex and both men are down.

To their feet, they trade blows until Starks gets a running clothesline off the ropes. He looks for Ro Sham Bo but Dax reverses and gets some hard rights. Inside cradle from Dax for 2. Dax with a rollup and holds the tights. This is what it means to win this one but only a 2 count. Clothesline from Dax, suplex attempt, standing switch. Starks goes for the tornado DDT but no, Dax reverses and gets a huge brain buster but Starks somehow kicks out at 2. Dax into the ring post after a failed shoulder block, Starks is looking for the spear but Dax kicks him. MASSIVE piled river from Dax. Dax goes for the pin but Big Bill pulls Dax off him to interrupt the pin. Dax goes outside to take issue with Bill. He gets back in the ring but that was enough of a distraction, Ricky with a piled river of his own, and that one gets the 3 and this one is all over.


Here is your winner – Ricky Starks


Great match this one. Two incredible wrestlers doing what they do best. Starks is finally getting his moments to shine and we all know Dax is probably one of the best wrestlers in AEW. Great match for wrestling fans that one.

Post-Match and the lights have gone out. Back on and here is Julia Hart. Lights out again and The House of black are in the ring. Guess we will get our answer of who they are targeting. They have sided with the Tag champs and FTR are in trouble here. But here come La Faccion Ingobernables. Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance head down to the ring and they stand with FTR. HOLY SMOKES. This is incredible. And the brawl is on. I am fully in support of House of Black v La Faccion Ingobernables. Sign me up for this one please.


Ohhh Claudio strikes while Tracy is still being announced. Damn, Claudio is on fire, pounding Williams in the corner. Huge rainmaker-like clothesline. MASSIVE uppercut! 1, 2, 3. That’s all. All over. 40 seconds, that’s it.

Here is your winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Another squash match but Claudio looked great. We are certainly building towards Claudio v Okada. Revenge for injuring Danielson. This would be an incredible match. Yes please. Take my money now!

Its main event time. Jim Ross has joined the commentary team for this one. This match has the potential to be incredible. Its Title vs Record. Its MJF v Kenny Omega

Match 7 – MJF v Kenny Omega


‘Holy sh*t’ chants as Omega and MJF come face to face. The crowd are hot for this one. As am I. They trade arm holds to begin, MJF looks for an arm bar but Omega slides out of it. Side headlock from MJF, Omega pulls the hair. MJF gets the first pinfall attempt on Omega but just a 2. They build to the Indy Standoff before backing into their respective corners. MJF calls for sportsmanship and extends the hand and Omega shakes, and MJF pokes him in the eyes. He’s our scumbag. MJF hits the ropes but Omega sends him to the floor and follows up with the big tope con Hilo to the floor. MJF back in though, he runs the ropes, holy smokes a fosbury flop by MJF. This is absolutely insane.


MJF goes for the heat seeker but Omega avoids it. Power bomb onto the knee by MJF, which gets a 2 count. MJF grinds things down with a side headlock now but Omega fights out with a right hand but MJF maintains wrist control and throws him overhead. Capture DDT, goodness me. We’re seeing some different stuff from MJF tonight and it is absolutely amazing. MJF goes for the V-trigger but Omega avoids it and delivers a snap dragon suplex.


Polish hammers by Omega, takes out the knee and hits the slingshot bulldog for 2. Omega in control with a cross-arm choke, but MJF gets out of it. Clothesline to the outside by Omega triangle moon Sault from Kenny.  Maxwell back in the ring as Kenny heads to the top and connects with a diving dropkick to the back of the neck, 1, 2, but MJF kicks out. Maxwell builds momentum with a scoop slam, and rebounds Omega’s head off the turnbuckles. 10 count punches connect, and he bites Omega’s head. Whips Omega arm-first into the buckles. And he calls for the Kangaroo Kick and absolutely nails it. The crowd are absolutely loving this. Omega is knocked to the outside as MJF prepares for another dive but Omega instantly back in with a kitchen sink. Michinoku Driver across the knee by Omega and MJF is sent outside. Omega dropkicks him into the announcer’s table and Kenny pulls out a table on the opposite side of the ring. Huge cheer for the table. The crowd does love a table. He sets it up and heads to the apron. Sunset flip power bomb from the apron into the ring for the pin, 1, 2, no. Backslide from MJF, 1, 2, no. Buckle bomb by Omega but MJF comes out with a huge lariat.

They battle to the apron near the table. Trading blows, Omega gets a high knee to the face. He signals for the Dragon Suplex and absolutely nails it on the apron. You cannot take your eyes off this one. Now Omega is looking for a gut wrench power bomb, HOLY HELL. Off the apron and through the table. ‘Holy Sh*t’ chants again from the crowd. I can barely breathe watching this.

Omega manages to get MJF back in the ring but he can’t quite capitalise. Both men on their feet, trading right hands on staggered feet. Repeated jabs from Omega, but a poke to the eye by the champion. Kenny replies with a big knee. Lariat by MJF. And another knee from Kenny! One Winged Angel attempt but NO, poison rana by MJF! Kenny with a poisonrana of his own and both men are down. I can’t deal with this much longer. This is incredible. I never want this to end.

Back elbow from MJF, Omega holds on the rope and MJF dives off with a stomp to the arm. Jumping knee strike from Kenny. Arms trapped, but MJF gets out and hits a Made in Japan for a two count. MJF hits a double arm shoulder breaker across the knee, but Kenny comes back with a spinning falcon arrow. Stump Piledriver from Omega but MJF gets his foot on the rope to break the pin.

Omega back to his feet and he is looking for another piled river on the outside. No, a power bomb into the edge of the barricade. MJF is down and looks hurt... Omega sends MJF back inside the ring and hits the V-trigger to the back of the head. Snap dragon suplex. Running knee, but MJF manages to kick out at 2. Kenny with two back to back V-Triggers. He gets MJF up for the One Winged Angel. Oh for God sake, here comes Don Callis to distract him. He has a screwdriver in his hand. Why is he here ruining this? No one wants to see his stupid face right now.

Rollup from MJF, reversed. Running knee by Omega but MJF kicks out. Referee Paul Turner kicks out Don Callis and good riddance. Get that clown out of here. One Winged Angel reversed into a rollup. They trade pinfall attempts. Heat seeker by MJF. 1, 2, but my god Kenny kicks out. MJF says this one is for Adam Panama Sunrise but he can’t connect. Omega sits down for the pin! 1, 2, but another kick out. MJF attempts the Panama Sunrise again and this time he hits it. Heat seeker again. Pin. 1 2 3. HOLY HOLY HOLY. MJF gets the win. And that all.

Here is your winner – and still AEW World Champion MJF

I have four words for this match. MATCH OF THE YEAR. That is all. MJF is world class. Kenny Omega is world class. This match was world class. Watch this. Enjoy this. Watch this again. So glad this was a clean finish too. MJF deserved this. Both men are just out of this world. What is next for Kenny Omega tho?

Post-match handshake from both men and a hug. They know what they just done there. Best collision match ever. Facts

Thanks for joining me this week guys for an amazing main event and a great collision episode. See you next week for rampage.


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