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Welcome guys to a double header of wrestling action. With full gear tomorrow we have both collision and rampage to get through so lets get started.


Tony Schiavone is in the middle of the ring to open the show. Tonight he brings out the TNT champion, Christian Cage. Cage, Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus head to the ring.

Tony tells Cage that the TNT title will be defended later on Rampage against the winner of Brian Cage vs Komander vs Trent Beretta vs Penta, which we’ll see shortly on Collision. Cage takes the mic and says tomorrow night will be Sting’s last match. Cage is sick of him being regarded as an icon. Living off your past name and stealing pay checks makes you an icon? Cage wonders what will happen to Darby Allin when he loses his mentor. If Darby needs fatherly guidance, he knows who to call.

Flair will be in Sting’s corner tomorrow night. Cage will give him a ‘come to Jesus’ moment if he sticks his nose in their business tomorrow. As for Adam Copeland, after tomorrow night, he will regret signing that AEW contract. Cage knows his track record, and he knows Copeland came here to steal his spotlight. Christian is not the same person he used to be. He is the patriach of AEW. While Copeland was coddled because he was the golden boy, Cage had to scratch and claw for every inch. Cage guarantees that tomorrow he will break Adam’s neck.


As TNT champion, the powers that be obviously want Cage on their programming. He says he could even beat all four from the 4-way at the same time. The crowd chant for him to ‘prove it’. Cage says he doesn’t work for the system, he IS the system.


We head backstage to Lexi Nair and the AEW tag team champions, Big Bill & Ricky Starks. Big Bill says they are the BTTEIHNQ – Best Tag Team Ever In History No Question. It’s crazy that they don’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose their titles. No way. Starks was allowed to choose a stipulation so Starks chose to make it a ladder match. Starks says they will walk out as the greatest ever tag team.


Garcia tries for a dropkick to the legs but Miro sidesteps. Gutwrench suplex from Miro in return. Miro  in the corner with multiple stomps, then a vertical suplex. From the mat, Garcia tries to kick out the legs but Miro shrugs it off. Another overhead gutwrench suplex. Miro was going to dance But Garcia cut him off. That would have been fun. Boot to the face from Garcia, a couple of jabs, kick to the chest, crossbody but Miro dumps him with a spinning slam. Miro again looks like he’s going to do the dance but no, he flips off the crowd. Crowd boo. Love it.

 Both men head outside the ring. Miro backs him into the barricade, whips him in and goes to follow up but Garcia dodges and Miro goes back first into the guardrail. They trade blows and then Miro unleashes an exploder suplex on the floor. That looked painful.


Back in the ring, Miro locks in a rear chinlock. Chopblock from Garcia and a dropkick to the knee gets him back in control though. Double knees to the chest, running boot, and another, but Miro still won’t go down. Garcia goes for another but Miro hits a thrust kick to cut him off. Garcia blocks the stomp to the stomach. Garcia with the belly to back suplex. He’s getting ready to dance but Daddy Magic is out on the apron and he tells Garcia not to dance. Miro is sent into the apron to knock off Daddy Magic, Garcia with the rollup for 2.


Crossface from Garcia But Miro rolls out. Garcia gets a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Miro grab Garcias head and slams it into the mat. Thrust kick again, and then the Game Over applied. It’s game over for Daniel Garcia.


Your winner by submission: Miro


Not a bad opening match here. Daniel Garcia needs to stop losing tho. Its not what we need. The guy is a star.


Black starts this out, Back elbow from Black seemingly knocks out one of the boys, but Black tags in King, and the other member of the Boys enters. King shrugs off the kicks and punches, the Boy goes for a wheelbarrow but King just dumps him out of it. King throws one of them out of the ring onto the other. Kick to the head, and the assisted Dante’s Inferno gets the pinfall.


Your winners by pinfall: Kings of the Black Throne


Squash match here. All that was needed though. Momentum is being built for tomorrows title match. I don’t know who is who out of The Boys so apologies for that one. That’s my homework for next week sorted.


Again, Christian Cage will face the winner of this match later tonight on Rampage. Penta gets in Trent’s face to begin, and then does the same to Cage. Cage with a bicycle kick to Penta. Diving hurricanrana from Komander takes Cage to the outside. Komander with an assisted tornillo to the outside, assistance from Penta. Penta goes for a dive but Trent cuts him off.



Penta and Trent in the middle of the ring, knee to the face and a half and half suplex by Trent. Diving dropkick from Komander. Up to the top rope, he goes for the rope walk but Brian Cage shakes the ropes to knock him off. He hits the huge suplex from the ring apron on Komander to the outside, taking out Penta and Trent at the same time. How bloody strong is Cage.


Cage with a back elbow to Komander in the ring now, and poses afterwards. Draped over the ropes, he hits the 619 to Komander. Impressive. he press slams Komander over the top rope to take out Penta on the outside. Trent in now, but Cage with repeated clotheslines in the corner and a back suplex for 2. Another clothesline from Cage, and then he heads outside to take out Komander on the guard rail and drive Penta back first into the rail too. Pump handle slam on Trent back in the ring, but Penta is in again now and kicks the legs out on Cage. Komander is lifted into a dropkick on Cage by Penta, and assists with a cannonball to follow up.


Wheelbarrow avoided, German suplex from Trent on Komander, and again. Penta goes for a superkick but accidentally takes out Komander. Trent with Germans to Penta too, very high angle. Now Trent tries them on Cage but can’t lift him. Poisonrana from Trent to Cage, Cage comes right back with a discus lariat. Komander goes for a satellite DDT but Cage gets a facebuster instead. Superkick to Trent by Penta, backstabber to follow up. Destroyer on Komander, Slingblade to Cage, Made in Japan to Trent, Penta is everywhere! 1, 2, no! Superkick on Cage, kick to the midsection on Komander, then Penta uses Komander as a stool to flip over in a senton to the outside of Cage. Komander with a dive of his own! Komander back in the ring, misses the rope walk shooting star, Beretta gets the Crunchie on Komander and this one is all done.



Your winner by pinfall: Trent Beretta


I enjoyed that. Its nice they had this for a follow up match on Rampage. Gives Rampage some purpose. Brian Cage is an absolute machine. He really needs a push. Trent losing to cage later on rampage wont do him any damage either. Good overall.


Wardlow immediately attacks as he gets in the ring. Up to the top rope, swanton. here comes the powerbomb symphony. The ref calls the match off after that first powerbomb.


Your winner by referee stoppage: Wardlow


No point in this at all. Wardlow needs a plan and needs it soon.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill make their way down to the ring for commentary. And now here comes Dax Harwood, well, ‘Dax the Axe’ as he’s now referred to on-screen and by Dasha. Is that what he is called now? That’s interesting to say the least.




Rush kicks away the handshake, and both men slap each other. Chop to the chest by Rush. Shoulder block by Rush, goes for a senton but Dax avoids it. Shoulder block in return from Dax. Both men to the outside now, chopping as they head up the ramp. Dax is looking for a piledriver but Rush gets a back body drop to Dax on the ramp. Sends him repeatedly into each side of the crowd barricade.


Back in the ring, they trade chops in the corner, lighting each other up. Dax’s chest is bleeding! Forearm shots while Dax is down, Dax covers up on a running dropkick attempt from Rush, but Rush puts the breaks on, kicks him casually, and hits the Tranquilo pose.


Rush gets the reverse figure four locked in, but Dax gets to the ropes. Close-up shows that Dax’s chest is properly bleeding from those chops, damn! To the outside again, Dax pounds on Rush by the barricade, and then return to the ring.


Vertical suplex from Rush, rolls the hips, goes for another. Three Amigos is hit, 1, 2, no. Dax gets a German suplex, and another, multiple Germans, but Rush goes behind, takes Dax to the top rope. Chop to the chest for good luck. Dax slaps him down, but Rush nudges the legs to crotch Dax on the buckles. Rush up to the top, superplex! 1, 2, no. They trade massive chops and slaps at a fast pace and the crowd are behind them.


Up to their feet in opposite corners, they charge in with clotheslines. Belly to back by Rush gets 2. Dax goes for another piledriver, Rush avoids, backslide avoided, Dax gets the piledriver finally! 1, 2, Rush got the shoulder up at the last split-second. Knee to the face on the outside by Rush, sends Dax into the ringpost and returns Dax to the ring. But Rush is distracted by the tag team champions at ringside, and he pie faces Ricky Starks! Rush back to the ring, goes for the Bull’s Horns, but no, Starks in for the spear.



Your winner: No Contest


Hard-hitting, intense, and another great preview for tomorrow. Both guys are gonna be sore before they even get to the ladder match. A rare no contest, but it made complete sense as all rules will be thrown out the window tomorrow in the ladder match.


After the bell, all ladder match particpants run down and its just an all out brawl. Big Bill and Brody king attempt to pull out a ladder but they fight over it, allowing Dralistico to dive onto them. This is carnage as all the refs and security run out to break it up too.



Arm work to begin, Yuta begins to take control but Buddy with the side headlock takedown. Buddy goes to swipe the legs of Wheeler but Yuta jumps over his arm to a stalemate. Rollup for 1 from Yuta, nails a dropkick. They head to the outside, and Matthews whips Wheeler into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Yuta dodges in the corner, both men on the apron, trading blows. Buddy tosses Yuta from the apron, face first into the announce table. Ouch. Ouch and ouch again.


Back to his feet, Buddy allows Yuta to crawl back inside the ring but chops him into the corner. Yuta fights back, crossbody attempt but Matthews catches him. Hoists him to his shoulders, gut buster gets a 2. Buddy continues the assault but Yuta asks for more! High angle powerslam from Buddy gets 2. Spin kick to the midsection of Wheeler, and Buddy starts talking trash at him. Combination kicks, misses a PK and Yuta gets a wild swing to the face of Matthews. Another forearm! And another. Chops and forearms galore from Wheeler until Matthews gets a knee to the gut. Roaring elbow by Yuta, thrust kick from Buddy, and a step up kick. Victory roll by Yuta gets 2! Rebound German! 1, 2, no, Buddy gets the shoulder up. Buddy to the outside, Yuta with a suicide dive in response.



Seatbelt slam from Yuta gets 2. To the apron, Yuta looks for a German, Matthews counters and hangs him up across the buckles. Wheeler kicks Buddy away, draped over the middle rope, and Yuta gets a hanging splash to the back of the neck of Buddy. 1, 2, no. Yuta traps the arms, looking for the BCC stomps but Buddy gets out. Cheeky Nandos by Buddy, and a running powerbomb for 2. Buddy hits the stomp and this one is all over.


Your winner by pinfall: Buddy Matthews


Two excellent wrestlers doing what they do best. I just love Buddy Matthews and glad he picked up the win here. He needs a story though with the rest of House of Black going for gold atm.


Buddy grabs a chair but here comes Claudio Castagnoli to chase him off. Claudio takes the mic. If Buddy wants the attention of the BCC, all he has to do is ask. Claudio likes to make his challenges face to face, in the light. He would hate to come to LA without kicking some ass. Claudio vs Buddy Matthews unless Buddy has to ask Malakai for approval? Claudio wants him at Full Gear tomorrow. This one will be an absolute banger of a match.


Shida and Soho begin, Shida gets a dropkick to send Soho into the corner, and Shida ascends the ropes…but Ruby knocks her off. Ruby on Shida’s shoulders and drops her behind, tag to Kris. Double team combination from our women’s champions. Rollup by Ruby on Stat for 2, and a tag to Saraya. Stat with an armdrag and a shoulder tackle for 2. We see Julia Hart watching backstage. Tag to Ruby, double suplex attempt, but Kris suplexes both members of the Outcasts. Crossbody from Shida as she is tagged in, knee to the face of Saraya, and Shida suplexes Ruby into Saraya, stacking them up in the corner. 10 count punches connect but the numbers game catches up and Ruby throws Shida to the mat from behind.

Shida draped over the ropes, Saraya on the apron driving knees to the chest. 1, 2, no. Tag to Soho, who boots Shida down in the corner, allowing Saraya to choke her from behind with referee Paul Turner distracted. Soho gets a front facelock as Shida tries for the tag but can’t reach. She makes the tag but Paul Turner was distracted so the tag isn’t allowed. Saraya avoids a suplex

Angelo Parker is shown in the crowd watching on. Boot to the midsection by Saraya, but an enziguri from Shida takes her down. Tag to Statlander! Tag to Ruby! Spinning discus lariat from Kris, uppercut in the corner, knee to Ruby, and a spinning fisherman’s driver gets 2. To the outside, Ruby throws Kris into the barricade right by Parker, and we see he is wearing a Ruby Soho shirt.

Ruby on Kris’ shoulders but a poisonrana connects! Shida with a missile dropkick though. Saraya in, Ruby joins her, Shida kicks her away. Double crossbody by Saraya and Hikaru to take each other out. Clubbing blows by Shida, knee to Soho, knee to Saraya! Parker is helping Soho up on the outside. Shida dives from the top rope but Saraya kicks her and gets a big DDT for 2 until Kris breaks it up.

Kris is sent to the outside and Saraya sees Angelo and Soho, momentarily distracting her. Katana to Saraya and Shida picks up the win

Your winners by pinfall: Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

Momentum built for the champions for full gear tomorrow. Nothing else to really add to this one.

We now go to a sit-down interview as Tony Schiavone sits down with MJF, who complains that Renee Paquette must have been busy. Tomorrow, MJF defends two titles. MJF made a promise to Adam Cole and he intends to keep it. He knows he has a tough task ahead of him, but he will do literally whatever it takes to win. He told Cole the ROH tag team titles will be there waiting for him, and he will make sure that happens.



Regarding the World Title, the Triple B means everything to him. Unfortunately, Jay White reminds him of himself. White is insecure. He stole the title, trying to prove to himself that he belongs. White is going to lose because nobody is on the level with the devil.


Schiavone says that with a win over Jay White, MJF will have the most successful AEW World title defenses in company history. A lot is at stake. MJF looks at the ‘likelihoods’ he has overcome. The likelihood was slim to none that he would be standing here today as champion. What is the likelihood that MJF can hold the title for over 365 days and come out victorious tomorrow? Slim to none but unfortunately for Jay White MJF likes those odds.


Not a bad show for Collision. This was always going to be a show building up towards Full Gear. Now the apron changes and its time for Rampage.


A nice pat on the head by the champion to Trent as Trent pushes him away, and the two lock up. Into the corner, Cage backs off with another pat down before the two exchange a few more holds. Back elbow from Cage, followed by a charge as Trent moves out of the way and sends Cage crashing outside. A frustrated Cage walks back into the ring, and limo slaps Beretta, followed by a couple of stomps. Reversal into the ropes as Beretta connects with a meteroa, followed by a successful dive over the top rope. Cage grabs on the referee as Nick Wayne delivers a cheap shot from behind to give Cage the advantage. Cage sends Trent into the steel post, and he goes tumbling to the outside as we head into our first set of commercials. We are back as Cage has a firm headlock on Beretta. The two come to a vertical base as Cage tries sending him over the ropes. Beretta catches himself and connects with a great-timed spear! The two men are now exchanging strikes as Beretta connects with a half & half. He follows it up with a back elbow shot but misses a ddt as Cage connects with a pele kick! Cage slugged on the top rope as Beretta connected with the hurricarana for a near fall.

Cage wants a timeout as he sends Beretta outside to the outside. Beretta climbs to the top and misses an air strike as Cage tries for the spear. Beretta gets a knee up in time as he goes for the spinning ddt. It’s another near fall! Trent with a running strike for another near fall. A strong zero attempt was made and connected, but it was so close that it was another kickout. Luchasaurus with the distraction to the ref as Cage pulls on the back of Beretta’s neck for an opening. Cage continues focusing on the neck as he finally goes for the killswitch for the retain!

Winner:Christian Cage

Trent was never winning this one. Really enjoying Cage as champion. Has to be the best heel in AEW atm. Surely the only person who takes this title of off him is Adam Copeland.


Toni asks Luther to hand her some papers as it’s apparently a script. Emi tears it up as she goes right to stomping on Toni. Nice hair whip follows up, and a few hair tosses. Storm with a hair toss of her own, followed by a big hip attack. Action spills outside, where Storm connects with a snap suplex before returning to the ring. Storm takes time to showboat, where Sakura catches her with a crossbody to send her crashing outside. Sakura follows up with a running crossbody to smash Storm into the steel steps. Storm and Sakura exchange a chop fest with Sakura, mainly on the receiving end. Storm with a spinning punch to send Sakura in the corner. Storm is looking for another hip attack, but Sakura gets out of the way and counters with a tiger driver for a near fall—Sakura with a delayed backbreaker for a two count. Sakura to the top rope and misses a back moonsault as Storm capitalizes for her closeup finisher with the hip attack and the piledriver for the victory!

Winner:Toni Storm


Toni Storm just has to win tomorrow night. This is just absolute gold from her. She is really being given the chance to show how amazing she is and im loving it.


Roderick with the attack on Andretti off the break, but Andretti rebounds with a dropkick and a corkscrew elbow drop for a near fall early in this contest. Andretti with some shoulder tackles on Roderick in the corner. Strong comes back with some strikes, followed by a neckbreaker. A forearm strike follows as Roderick is looking good so far. Roles are reversed as Strong is back on his blistering strike fest. Andretti with a spin-back kick and a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. It’s a pickup that Roderick spoils as he gets in a far-legged hook for a pinning combination. Andretti with the kick out as he comes back with a falcon arrow for a near fall. 

Andretti  with the forearm strikes followed by a back elbow with an assist from the ropes. Strong tossed to the outside as Andretti delivered a dropkick to Bennett and Taven. Andretti misses an attack from the ropes after throwing Roderick back inside. Andretti, with the Spanish fly but that looked absolutely horrible. The referee immediately jumps in and stops the match, asking Doc Sampson to step in. Looks like the match will continue after several seconds. Roderick catches Andretti with a jumping knee strike after Andretti tries for an air strike. Strong follows it up with the reversed-back gut check to end this one.

Winner:Roderick Strong

Im so confused. Was he hurt or not because that Spanish fly looked like it killed Roderick Strong. He really is neck strong after that one because his neck looked like it was broken in half.

Rene is with Jay White. Jay promises to show MJF and the world that he’ll be fully cocked on Full Gear. The Switchblade era will run wild as MJF emerges from nowhere and jumps him. Jay’s head slammed on a table as Juice Robinson jumped in from behind. We go back to the commentators briefly but we head back to see Jay White trying to open the room he last saw the two were in. MJF has snapped and has a broken screen tv in his hands. He apparently bashed Juice over it as Jay goes running. Action spills outside, where MJF takes out the Gunns and is briefly reunited with his title but is jumped again. It’s a 3-on-1 beatdown. Samoa Joe comes out to make the save as Bullet Club Gold run.  Joe looks at MJF afterward and extends his hand as MJF finally accepts it.  Joe will team with MJF to wrestle for the ROH tag titles, but what about having his back for the AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP? Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and Chris Jericho run over the card for Full Gear and that’s all for tonight’s action.

Full Gear is going to be great. Ill be reviewing that one too so join me tomorrow and see what surprises we have in store.

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