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Welcome guys to this weeks episode of AEW Collision. We kick things off with the pre show promos. We hear from FTR, The Tag Team Champs, Lance archer, Darby Allin and then Swerve and Prince Nana. As swerve starts talking he is jumped by AR Fox and this episode of Collision is kicking off with a brawl down the ramp as the pyro is going. We are starting things off hot this week guys.


Springboard attempt by Fox but Swerve heads outside so Fox takes a run and hits a massive tope con hilo to the outside. Back in the ring they trade grounded punches. Enziguri to Swerve backs him into the corner. To the apron, they avoid each other with a slick series of reversals until Swerve catches Fox on a dive from the apron, pulling the legs. Fox is sent into the barricade on the outside now, before being brought back inside the ring.

On the apron, Swerve has Fox up for a DVD but no, countered. Fox tries for one, countered as well. They trade blows with Strickland in the ring, until Swerve throws Fox over and into the top turnbuckle. Swerve heads up top and looks for a superplex back into the ring and hits it perfectly.

Swerve has Fox hanging backwards off the apron, and hits a reverse DDT onto his own knee, and rolls Fox back in the ring. Swerve up top, diving forearm to the back. Swerve on the apron, Fox hits the middle rope DDT, then jumps up top for the 450 splash but Swerve kicks out at 2.

Swerve takes back control, dropping Fox head first into the buckle but no, he’s back up, springboard seated spanish fly from Fox gets a 2 count. Fox elnows out of a half and half, then Swerve gets the step up kick to the back of the head for 2. Rollup by Fox but again Swerve kicks out at 2. Swerve drives Fox knee first into the top turnbuckle and hits a huge spinning powerslam followed by the double stomp. Here’s the pin and no kick out this time.

Your winner by pinfall: Swerve Strickland


I said this before and I’ll say it again. AR Fox is incredible. He honestly doesn’t get the credit he deserves. And I have nothing but positive words for Swerve. The guy is an absolute star.

Post Match The Gates of Agony enter the ring and surround Fox but here come FTR.  GoA and FTR go at it, and Swerve joins in too. Big Bill & Starks enter and the numbers are too much. LFI run down to even the score. Wheeler extends the hand to Rush, but Rush doesn’t shake and LFI leave. There’s your preview of tonight’s main event. Meanwhile, House of Black are pictured up in the crowd watching FTR.

We get an announcement that next week on Dynamite we will have MJF v Daniel Garcia for the AEW World Championship. That should be an absolute banger.


Spinebuster and a running shining wizard combo from the Kingdom. Bennett with a DVD to McGregor in the ring as Taven takes out Nash on the outside. Double team spike piledriver from the Kingdom and that one is all over.

Here is your winner: The Kingdom

Nothing to add to this one. Complete squash match. Clearly building the Kingdom up. Are they going after the ROH titles too? Maybe. Guess we just wait and see how this one plays out.


Lockup to begin, and Archer forces Darby back and up onto the buckles. Darby pushes him away but takes a moment to gather himself. Lockup again but Archer lifts him up and spins him into a face first slam. Dropkick to the knee by Darby but a pounce in return from Archer. Shoulder breaker by Archer, and he grabs the arm before going up to the top rope. He walks the ropes but Darby pulls the ropes and crotches him. Battering ram to the outside by Darby.  He jumps on Archer’s back, but Archer shrugs him off onto the ramp. Massive overhead release suplex on the ramp and Darby is crumpled on the ground.

Archer drags Darby back into the ring and to his feet before taking his head off with a clothesline. Chop to the chest in the corner on Darby followed by a scoop slam and some stiff forearms in the corner.

Archer looks for the Blackout but Darby locks in a sleeper. Archer fights out, Darby avoids an attack in the corner. Oh, step up knee to the face while Darby was on the top turnbuckle. Blackout attempt again Darby reverses into a stundog.

Coffin drop attempt caught, and Archer throws him into a German suplex. Archer is looking for a chokeslam, hits it, and goes for another but chokeslams him over the ropes onto the ring apron. Lance archer is not playing here.  Darby hits hard and bounces to the floor.

Jake Roberts had the skateboard and went to attack but the referee sees it and tosses Roberts out of the ringside area.

Darby crawls back in the ring and is met with a big right forearm. Lance takes Darby to the top rope, looking for a top rope chokeslam, but Darby fights back with thumbs in the eyes. Code Red off the top rope and gets the pin.

Here is your winner: Darby Allin

Lance Archer is a monster and is being completely wasted. Im getting so bored of Darby Allin matches. Takes a beating all match but then still wins. It’s the same thing every time. I think Darby needs a break from TV for a bit because it just seems the same recipe every match. We need a refresh.

Post match Jake Roberts is not happy. He says he has two more guys to join him. Out come The Righteous. Looks like we have a new group here. This could be interesting. Do we need another trio though?

Here come The Acclaimed, it’s time for the 69 Day Celebration. Max Caster goes around ringside, scissoring the fans. Billy Gunn warms up the crowd. The Acclaimed have been Trios champs for 69 days! Pink streamers go off. Bowens takes the mic and says it’s a special day, and they are fired up. So he has a surprise for his dear friend Max Caster. They got him a gift in honor of the day. It’s a video clip of MJF. MJF says he has respect for Caster. Adam Cole told him that it’s OK to have more than one friend. Caster is growing on him. He’s kinda starting to like The Acclaimed. “Yay scissoring?” Ha.

Caster is so happy with that and it means so much to him. This is the culmination of all their hard work at the top of the trios division. But they couldn’t have done it without the people. The 69 Day trophy goes out to all the fans across the world. Bowens takes the mic to wrap things up. Billy Gunn wants to know how he’s going to 69 everyone in the building. “Isn’t that what Daddy’s do?” Gunn clarifies he’s just having fun. Bowens tries to wrap things up again but the music of Dalton Castle hits.

The Boys welcome Dalton Castle down to the ring. The Boys bring the 69 Day trophy over to Castle. And he throws it over the top rope to smash it on the floor below. They break out into a big fight on the outside, and Aubrey Edwards has headed down so we’re looking at a 6-man here and yes, the bell rings so here we go.


Daddy Ass catches Castle in a release fallaway slam. The Boys hit a double dropkick to Billy Gunn. Bowens takes out the Boys with a double clothesline and break up a pink pinata that the Boys brought in, before throwing candy to the fans. Commercial break time, giving the Acclaimed a chance for a 3 way scissoring. But the Boys and Castle are back. Caster and Castle are left in the ring now. They avoid each other’s clothesline attempts until Castle nails a takedown from behind. The Boys whip Castle into Caster and one of the Boys goes for the cover, gets a 2.

Castle delivers some standing splashes to Castle, which gets another 2. Max is knocked down by a clothesline as the Boys enter the ring, step up enziguri, and they hold the legs of Daddy Ass, allowing Castle to hit him off the apron. Bowens tagged in, discus elbow and the Rock Paper Scissors Shoot to the Boys. Scissor Me Timbers to the other Boy. Fameasser followed by the Arrival and the Mic Drop gets the pinfall.

Here is your winner: The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass

Nothing really to add to this. We need a real feud for the Trios Titles. I feel they have lost the momentum since The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass won them. To me it doesn’t look like there is any real plan for the titles at this moment.


Sabian and the WorkHorsemen attack just as the bell rings. Kip hits a big cannonball on Briscoe and goes for a piledriver but Mark back body drops him out of it. WorkHorsemen in for a double team but Briscoe hits a flying boot to stay in control. Drake gets a big rocket shot on Briscoe on the outside, and Sabian hits an asai moonsault, allowing Henry to get a 2 count in the ring.

Senton from JD Drake, tag to Sabian, pinfall attempt for a 2 count. Inside cradle from Briscoe gets 2. Double knees to Briscoe in the corner from Henry but Sabian sends them out. Sabian is looking for the Jay Driller but Briscoe hits an exploder instead. Tag to Dustin! Hits the trademark uppercut and a snap powerslam on Drake. Canadian Destroyer to Kip. Briscoe with a dive off the top rope to the floor below. Keith Lee in, powerbombs Henry onto Kip. Tag to Briscoe, Froggy Bow and this one is over.

Here is your winner: Mark Briscoe, Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes.

This match was just to get Mark Briscoe back in a match. What are we doing with Keith Lee? Please can we push him.


Shoulder blocks are traded as we begin this one, with Willow getting the upper hand. Emi misses an elbow drop, Willow gets a crossbody for 2. Body slam from Willow and a hip attack in the corner, whips Emi to the opposite corner and back again. Emi slaps her on the apron and screams in her face. Crossbody through the ropes to take Willow off the apron. She falls near the ring steps, and Emi hits another crossbody, crushing Willow against the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Willow cartwheels out of the corner, gets Emi up on her shoulders, but Emi rakes the eyes. Another crossbody in the corner. Cocky cover by Emi just gets a 1 count.

Emi gets Willow across the ropes and chokes her with her leg. Back to her feet, Willow fights back but another eye rake keeps Sakura in control, and she locks in the surfboard or she attempts to, but the leg strength of Willow allows her to kick Emi off. Emi with a chop to the chest, and she whips Willow back and forth on the outside between the apron and the barricade. But Willow counters, picks Emi up onto her shoulders and hits a huge death valley driver onto the floor. Doctor Bomb attempt countered into a mahistral cradle for 2. Emi with the swinging neckbreaker but she can’t make the cover. To their knees, they trade blows and get to their feet. Emi gouges the eyes again, hits a back elbow, chop and a lariat. Off the ropes, Willow catches her with a spinebuster for the 2 count. Doctor Bomb connects, and Willow gets the 3.

Here is your winner: Willow Nightingale

Willow looked good here. Pretty straight forward one. Willow continues to build momentum but where is this heading.


Its main event time and we begin with Vance and Big Bill, who square up to each other. Go behind by Vance, and he delivers repeated blows to Bill in the corner. Bill fires back with a splash in the opposite corner. Clothesline from Bill and a tag to Bishop Kaun. Kaun misses a senton and Vance tags Cash Wheeler. Arm wringer by Cash, Kaun with shots in the corner, a knee to the midsection but Cash cuts him off with a short spear. Dax tags in, and Kaun hits the senton. Liona tagged in, headbutt to Dax, scoop slam and a diving headbutt with Liona firmly in control.

Dax fights back with chops to the throat, and a shotgun dropkick, but Liona hits a clothesline to take Dax off his feet. Starks tags in and is met by a sharpshooter attempt, but he makes the ropes. Dax tags in Rush, who wails away on the midsection of Starks.

Rush takes Starks to the floor and drives him repeatedly into the barricade. In the ring, Rush mocks Starks’ signature pose, and then brings in a big rope when the ref has his back turned. Rush tries to wrap the rope around Starks’ neck, but everyone dives into the ring and this thing has broken down! They all head outside the ring now. Rush and Cash have the rope around Starks and are attempting to drag him around. Rush and Starks eventually get back in the ring, and Dax is tagged in. Starks dodges and shoulder to the midsection attempt, sending Dax into the ringpost. Tag to Big Bill, who hits multiple big elbow drops before tagging in Liona.

Starks back in and he hits the top rope walk axe handle on Dax, following up with a leg drop on the apron across the throat. Bill back in, body slam to Dax, and another, as Starks puts on a headset and gives a little commentary shoutout to his team. Bill tags Starks back in but here comes Rush who is a house of fire. Knee to Liona, kick to Starks in the corner, and the tranquilo pose. Powerslam to Starks, 1, 2, no.

Vance and Rush hit a double team slam on Starks but he comes Liona to break up the pin. Samoa Drop to Vance, but misses a big splash in the corner. Big Bill in, chokeslam to Vance, who rolls out. FTR in, they go for the Shatter Machine but Bill avoids it and takes both men out with a double clothesline. Missile dropkick off the top by Rush. German suplex to Kaun by Rush. Starks is seated in the corner but jumps out for a spear to Rush.

Cash helps Rush avoid a double team, but gets thrown to the otuside for his efforts. Starks superkicks Kaun inadvertently, and Rush hits a discus forearm before tagging in Dax. Dax and Rush hit the Shatter Machine together, Cash didn’t seem to mind! Cash in and a suicide dive to take out Liona on the outside. Bullhorn by Rush on Kaun for the win.

Your winners by pinfall: FTR & Los Faccion Ingobernables

Post Match FTR went for a handshake but LFI leave and head up the ramp. House of Black appear on screen and say FTR are obsessed with championships, but their legacy is worth more. If FTR don’t believe them, they’ll have to beat it into them. Lights back on and the House of Black attack and beat down FTR! But here come Claudio and Wheeler Yuta. Yuta hits Brody king with a chair, and Claudio gets Black in the swing position but Malakai kicks his way out of it and they make a hasty retreat.

A good episode of Collision this week. Building momentum for Dynamite. Thanks for joining me guys and I'll see you next week for Rampage.


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