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It's Wednesday Night; You know what that means...

AEW is back to Chicago for this weeks episode which just so happens to fall on the Eve of Thanksgiving in the US. Dynamite opened with a new video package. Ric Flair's energy drinks are on the table. Tonight will be when new storylines can begin or old ones continued.

Excalibur explained the rules for the Continental Classic. For more details click here.

This is not a match that interests me. Both men are talented but just don't jive with me. I don't like how Excalibur is talking down and explaining what a round robin tournament is. In the opening actions for the match they two combatants circle each other. Lethal is able to get the first advantage by anticipating what Swerve would do. When Swerve and Lethal attempted to cross each other Swerve took Lethal down. Swerve then started to target the knee of Lethal. Lethal is able to stop Swerve by yanking on his injured arm. Swerve Attacks the leg and Jay Lethal attacks the arm. Going into a tournament like this injured is not good. As followers of NJPW know tournaments like this will injure perfectly healthy wrestlers. Jay Lethal puts a double wrist lock on Swerve while both men are on the top rope. Swerve is able to get them both off the rope with a superplex. Flatline on Lethal by Strickland. Strickland graps the wrist and takes Lethal up into a brainbuster. Lethal gets an inside cradle when Swerve attempts a figure four. Jay Lethal gives Swerve an elbow drop one of his homages to Randy Savage. Swerve kicks out. Lethal is able to get control and put a muffler leg lock on. Lethal gets to the ropes then gets a cross face on. Jay gone for a lethal injection. Swerve blocks it by a drop kick that looks like it hits jay in the nuts. House call from Swerve Strickland followed by the Swerve Stop for the win. Swerve Strickland has three points in the Gold Bracket.

An injured MJF and Adam Cole come out to address the fans. MJF is using a cane. Adam Cole's portion of the address is to say he is worried for MJF as there are several people after him. MJF so no worry. Then the lights cut and the devil laughs. Samoa Joe's music hits. MJF does not want to give Joe his rematch. The response was bleeped out. MJF calls for the match to be tonight but Samoa Joe says no. Joe wants a 100% MJF not an injured one. Samoa Joe sets the date for World's End where he should be all healed. MJF will have a hometown advantage.

I am not sure about Jake Hager's attire. I know it is a move back towards what he started wearing but he just doesn't match his team mates. I am glad to see Shibata back on AEW TV. He is the current RoH Pure Champion but you have to have honor club to watch that. All three Hook, Cassidy, and Shibata have championships. Orange Cassidy slows down the match before it even begins to give the world a Thanksgiving Surprise. It is the return of Danhausen. Daddy Magic uses this to jump Hook. Hook is not kept down long. Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang do knock down Hook's team mates. Hager attacks Hook from behind. Hager Bomb on Hook for a two count. Hook reverses Cool Hand Ange which prompts Ang to make a quick tag to Hager who takes control back from Hook. Hook tries to fight free with some wide swung fists to Hager's side. This does not work and after a near tag by Hook, Hager tags in Cool Hand Ang. Ang does a little damage then tags Daddy Magic. Daddy Magic repeats what Cool Hand Ang does. If it isn't broke why fix it? Hook is able to T-bone Suplex Ang. This allows Hook to tag Orange Cassidy in. Cassidy DDTs Ang but is stopped momentarily by Hager. Hager and Shibata becoem the legal men. Hager puts a massive boot in Shibata's face. Shibata pump kick to Hager takes him down. Shibata is definitively in control. The former JAS slow Shibata down by triple teaming him. Danhausen jumps on ther rope and puts on the purple hat. This takes Hager's attention to him. Curse by Danhausen. Double sleeper by Shibata and Hook on Cool Hand and Daddy Magic for a submission victory. Nice match.

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong have a backstage Segment. Adam officially declares Roderick Strong no longer his best friend.

Christian puts the blame of losing their Trios match at Full Gear on Luchasaurus. That is why he will rename him and Nick Wayne. Christian has Luchasaurus take a knee. Luchasaurus is very defiant but does eventually take the knee. Luchasaurus will now be called Killswitch. Nick eagerly takes a knee. Christian tells him to get back to his feet. This segment is pointint to the break up of this trio. Christian calls Nick special and like him. Nick is a golden boy. He shall now be called to as The Prodigy Nick Wayne. Nick's mom is there for some reason tonight. Christian goes back to the dead dad dookie. Nick's mom is crying Killswitch steps between Christian and her. Christian tells him to get back on his knees and slaps him. The fans chant Luchasaurus. Chrsitian pushes Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus accidently elbows Nick's mom. Nick then grabs a chair. It is implied Christian will attack the fallen Shanna Wayne. Instead Christian hands it to Killswitch. Adam Copeland runs to the ring to prevent it. Spear to Nick Wayne. Killswithc still saves Christian Cage. The Prodigy gets a second spear then an Impaler. Copeland smashes Nick's head between two chiars infront of his mother in a rage induced by Christian. This was a nice multifaceted segment.

This match has the potential to main event any show. The belts are ringside. Bullet Club act like they don't know that only Jay White is allowed. Rush quickly shows his power by almost running pushing Jay into the corner twice. Rush delivered a nice drop kick. People seem to forget to appreciate the basics. Rush is in control of the match. One mighty chop fells Jay White on the outside. Rush then throws White into the guardrails. Rush and Jay White get back in the ring and trade chops. Rush stops this by taking the legs out of Jay White in the corner and starts to stomp on him. Three Amigos by Rush, but Jay White escapes to be hit with big elbow. Rush delivers a brain buster which is good for a two count. Rush tries for a senton but Jay White moves out of the way. Sheer Drop Brain Buster by Jay White. Rush is forces to kick out of a pin. Jay White would try for a Blade Runner but Rush would stop it with chops. Both of these mean are just hitting hard. Rush pulls off a superman punch Excalibur calls it a forearm smash. Low BLow followed by a Blade Runner gets Jay White the win. It was obvious the influence of NJPW on Jay White during this match.

The segment started with an Oscars style introduction. Toni Storm was in the crowd. This is a segment very fitting of the character. Her exit music hit before she was done thanking everyone. Love that she thanked Jack Warner.

The new look to Skye Blue is amazing. Anna has a nice black and white attire also. I feel sorry for her. She is lost in the shuffle. Anna Jay was accompanied by the former JAS members Cool Hand Ang and Daddy Magic. The blooming romance between Ang and Soho will certainly play a part in this match. The ladies start with quick pins. Cool Hand Ang provided a distraction which allowed Anna Jay to attack Skye Blue. Ang is distracted by Soho. Jay has to tell him to focus on her. The ladies hit the power bomb superplex move with Anna Jay as the lady on bottom. Skye Blue is able to take advantage of this althougth she was the one who got the superplex. Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker make eye contact. Saraya and Daddy Magic have to stop it. Soho gets attacked by Anna Jay. Skye tried for Code blue but was blocked by Anna Jay. Ruby Soho is caught by Angelo. Skye Blue is able to win as Soho is too distracted bickering with Saraya to pay attention.

Backstage segment with Wardlow. He is saying he will pursue MJF on his own time. AR Fox interrupts saying Wardlow is blaming others. None of that was said in the promo. Wardlow took AR Fox out. That is about all AR is good for.

This is a first time ever match as was mentioned when it was discussed on commentary earlier. Slow start with some headlock and punches. This match is definitely going to be a slug fest. Mox bites Briscoe in the corner. Briscoe hits a blockbuster off the apron. Mark tries for the Froggy Bow but misses. They return to punching each other. Mark Briscoe eats a big boot knocking him to the floor. Briscoe gets busted open. Jon Moxley bites the bleeding forehead of Briscoe. Mox puts Briscoe in a submission and not only targets the arms but also attacks the fingers. Sieto Suplexy by Moxley. Briscoe bites Jon's hand in order to stop the submission he is in. This does not get him the advantage in the match. Briscoe is able to employ the redneck kung fu to get some space. Mark is able to turn the tide with that. Moxley is able to take control when Mark attempts a submission. Mox hits a paradigm shift but Briscoe temporarily ignores that to hit Jon before they both are laid flat. Mark Briscoe si the first to recover. Mark hits the froggie bow. Two Count. Death Rider by Mox but Briscoe kicks out. After a series of high impact moves the two men go back to trading blows. A second Death Rider puts Briscoe away.


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