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Injured WWE star and Damage CTRL member Dakota Kai has provided an update on her recovery from a torn ACL injury.

In May 2023, Dakota Kai was sidelined with a torn ACL that has kept her out of action ever since.

Despite not being able to compete in the ring, Kai has remained a regular fixture on WWE TV alongside Damage CTRL’s Bayley, Asuka, Kairi Sane and WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY.

With Dakota appearing weekly on SmackDown and moving around better nowadays, some fans have questioned if the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion is still injured.

On her Twitch channel, Dakota Kai discussed her injury and answered some of those doubts from the fans. She said:

“I’m so sick of seeing people saying, ‘She can run and jump, but she’s not cleared still?’ No, that’s not how this works.”

“Obviously, I can run and jump because I’ve been doing it for the last few months, but they have a set date for when you actually get cleared because I have to still do matches and they have to check all the boxes of when I’m actually cleared.”

“I’m not going to be in a wheelchair for nine months and then suddenly stand up and go, ‘I’m cured.’ That’s not how it works,”

When someone in her chat joked about Dakota pulling a “Kevin Nash” where she stands up from a wheelchair to reveal she isn’t injured, Kai said:

“I have been running. I have been jumping. Please stop with ‘she’s lying, she’s faking.'”

“Do you think it’s been my choice to not wrestle for nine months? Do you think it’s been my choice? No. I don’t know when the clear date is.”

“Please stop asking me. Rehab is going great though. It’s definitely not long now,”

Damage CTRL’s Bayley will compete in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match on January 27 at the titular event.

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