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Impact Wrestling Thanksgiving Special 23/11/23

This week's episode is a special Thanksgiving episode. This episode features previous Turkey Suit matches (if you want to hear my commentary about these, please visit this link: as I did a special Thanksgiving watch along last night and most of the matches featured on this episode of Impact are actually on this watch along).

Match 1: Rhino defeated Alex Shelley & Sheik Abdul Bashir (2008)

Match 2: 2023 Thanksgiving Gravy Train Turkey Trot - The Good Hands, Champagne Singh & Jai Vidal w/Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans vs Jake Something, Mike Bailey, Johnny Swinger & PCO

This year's edition of the Turkey Train Trot was an 8-man tag team match and the person who takes the pinfall MUST wear the Turkey Suit or be fired!

Jai Vidal tries to tag out but all three of his partners drop down from the apron. Jake clobbers Jai with a right hand but The Good Hands break up the pin. Jake takes them out with a double clothesline, before trampling Champagne with a running attack. Jake soars over the top, colliding with everyone on the floor. In the ring, PCO Chokeslams Jai, followed by the PCO Sault to win.

An OK match, not the best, but not the worst in the Turkey Suit history. I don’t really know what else to say on this one. It was what it was. Grade D+

After the match, the ref brings the turkey suit into the ring. Jai Vidal tries to get out of the ring, but Savannah Evans gets him back into the ring. Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans force Jai Vidal into the turkey suit.

Match 3: Robbie E defeated Grado (2016)

Rockstar Spud’s Thanksgiving Dinner (2013)

Match 4: Garza Jr, Fallah Barr, Eddie Edwards, Richard Justice & Allie defeated Chris Adonis, KM, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Caleb Konley & Laurel Van Ness (2017)

Match 5: Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles & Chris Sabin (2007)

Well, this was a pretty lacklustre episode. It was basically just a Thanksgiving Special showing old matches as we had just one new match. So nothing missed really if you didn't get chance to watch this one.

I shall be back next week with a normal review as we hopefully are back to regular programming. Hope all my American readers had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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