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Impact Wrestling Review 9/11/23

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling comes to us from the Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

After an amazing UK tour, we are back in the States so let's see what this week’s action brings us.

Match 1: Deonna Purrazzo vs Tasha Steelz

Tasha gains the early advantage with a head scissors takedown. Deonna ties Tasha up, then delivers a dropkick to the ribs. The women go counter for counter and both women are down following a double clothesline. Deonna hits a side Russian leg sweep, then locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Tasha fights free and locks in her own version of the Venus de Milo. Deonna transitions into another Fujiwara Armbar but Tasha breaks it up with an eye rake. Tasha then connects with a pair of cutters to pick up the win.

A brilliant opening match. These two women went all out for this one. It is good to see that women are still putting on great matches even if there is no title involvement. These two should definitely be considered as serious title contenders. Grade B

Backstage Promo:

Alex Shelley addresses Jonathan Gresham ahead of their World Title match later tonight. Alex tells Gresham that this is his opportunity. He ends the promo with “may the best man win”.

Backstage Segment:

ABC are backstage, talking about how they celebrated after winning the World Tag Team titles at Bound for Glory. Santino Marella comes to speak to ABC but they are interrupted by Kenny King and Sheldon Jean. Kenny King demands his rematch for the Digital Media Championship. Santino explains that Tommy Dreamer is engaged in a feud with Crazzy Steve at the moment, so he is unable to grant him a rematch. ABC, Kenny & Sheldon engage in some smack talk and Santino makes a match next week between the two for the Tag Team Championship.

Match 2: Digital Media Championship Match - Tommy Dreamer vs Crazzy Steve

Tommy and Steve lock up and tumble through the ropes to the floor. Tommy hits a clothesline on the outside, then tosses Steve back in the ring. Tommy connects with a neckbreaker but Steve bites Tommy to turn the tables. Steve begins to target the neck of Tommy before ripping and tearing at his face. Tommy hits a Superplex, followed by the Bionic Elbow. Tommy then connects with a reverse DDT for two. Steve rakes the eyes to counter the Dreamer Driver. Steve hits a cannonball in the corner, then retrieves a fork from his Feast or Fired briefcase. Tommy bites Steve to stop him from using the fork. Tommy hits a cutter, then attacks Steve with the fork to cause the disqualification.

An OK match. To be honest, this rivalry needs to have a No DQ or Hardcore match or something along those lines. I am enjoying this side of Crazzy Steve and I envision a title reign in his near future. Grade C-

After the match, Tommy continues to attack Steve with the fork. Steve is busted open.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Jonathan Gresham. Gresham says that he will win the Impact World Championship tonight, and bring honour to Impact Wrestling.

Match 3: Joe Hendry vs Brian Myers

Before the match begins, Joe Hendry announces that the rebrand starts tonight as Brian Myers is no longer known as “Edge’s Bitch”, he is now known as “Adam’s Bitch”.

Brian goes for an early Roster Cut clothesline but Joe counters with an uppercut. Joe tosses Brian over the top rope to the floor. Joe hits a vertical suplex from the apron. Brian sends Joe throat-first into the middle rope, then hits a side Russian leg sweep for two. Joe bounces back with a Trust Fall and builds momentum with a delayed vertical suplex. Brian whips Joe into the steel ring post to stop his momentum. Joe hits three Fallaway Slams. Brian spikes Joe with a DDT but it’s not enough to keep him down. Brian avoids the Standing Ovation, then rakes the eyes of Joe while the referee’s view is obstructed. Brian hits the Roster Cut to pick up the win.

A really good match. Brian is a very underrated wrestler. He is very good at what he does and Joe Hendry is amazing. So this one was bound to be a good match. I enjoyed the promo to start the match. Grade C+

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Will Ospreay. Will is undefeated at Impact. Will says that he wants to see if Josh Alexander belongs in the conversation of being one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Match 4: Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards vs Eric Young

Eddie distracts the referee while Alisha chokes Eric on the ropes. Eddie crashes and burns on a top rope Moonsault attempt, giving Eric an opening to regain his composure. Eric climbs to the top rope, but Alisha provides a distraction from ringside. Eric bites Eddie, then flies with an elbow drop for two. Eric sets up for the Piledriver when Alisha gets up on the apron for another distraction. Eddie capitalises with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Alisha slides a chair into the ring but the referee removes it. Alisha then accidentally hits Eddie in the head with a kendo stick. Eric hits the Piledriver on Eddie to win.

Another good match. Eric Young always seems to be able to put on a good match and Eddie Edwards has just been a constant for a while. The miscommunication between Alisha and Eddie just added that extra element to the match in my opinion. Grade C+

Backstage Segment:

Brian Myers and Moose don’t seem to be on the same page at the moment. They are questioning the other on loyalty. Heath interrupts and he wants a piece of Brian Myers, but Moose steps in to defend Brian. Heath then challenges Moose to a match, saying he will speak to Santino to set up the match.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Sonny Kiss. Sonny is disappointed that she did not win the Call Your Shot gauntlet. Trinity comes and the two hug. Trinity says that she will speak to Impact Management about them having a match next week.

Match 5: Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius w/Alpha Bravo vs Nick Diamond & Storm Grayson

Before the match begins, Dango tells us that he hates professional wrestling.

As the match begins, Dango does not stand on the apron, but instead joins the commentary table. Oleg goes on the attack, demolishing both of his opponents with ease. Dango then returns to the apron, he’s tagged into the match by Oleg. Dango hits a reverse neckbreaker to score the pinfall victory.

A standard squash match. Nothing exciting about this one really, other than the in ring debut of Oleg Prudius. I’m not a huge fan of squash matches so this one wasn’t of much interest to me. Grade D

Backstage Segment:

Jordynne Grace is backstage, talking about how she made history at Bound for Glory in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal. She is interrupted by Bully Ray, who offers out a handshake. They are interrupted by KiLynn King. She reminds Jordynne that she wasn’t the only woman in the final 4. Bully tells KiLynne to back down, KiLynn reminds Bully that on day 1 he taught her to never back down. Steve Maclin interrupts and says that Bully has gone soft.

Backstage Segment:

The Rascalz are backstage. They introduce us to the newest member of the Rascalz, Myron Reed.

Main Event: Impact World Championship Match - Alex Shelley vs Jonathan Gresham

Jonathan distracts the referee by tossing his wrist tape on the mat, allowing him to deliver a low blow to Alex. Jonathan then uses his wrist tape to choke Alex while the referee’s view is obstructed. Jonathan locks in the Figure Four, then keeps it locked in after Alex makes it to the bottom rope. Jonathan is in firm control after targeting the left knee of Alex. Jonathan hits a Dragon Screw leg whip. Alex begins to build momentum with a slingshot crossbody to the outside. Jonathan charges but Alex sidesteps, sending Jonathan crashing into the steel ring post. Alex spikes Jonathan with a DDT on the floor. Back in the ring, Jonathan hits a running forearm with a handful of tights for two. Alex hits a tornado DDT, then locks in the Border City Stretch. Jonathan uses the referee to help him escape the submission. Both men exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Jonathan hits a springboard Moonsault before both men exchange multiple pin attempts. Jonathan locks in another Figure Four but Alex gets to the bottom rope. Alex hits a superkick, followed by Shellshock to retain his championship.

A phenomenal match between these two incredible athletes. I loved that Jonathan is using underhanded tactics now. Alex retaining was obviously going to happen, but that did not take away from the match and this one still kept me on the edge of my seat. Grade A

A great episode of Impact, following on what was an amazing UK tour. They are definitely stepping up their games, especially with the rebrand coming up in January. I cannot wait to see where else Impact go with this.


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