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Impact Wrestling Review 31/8/23

Impact this week comes to us from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

It is the fallout from Emergence and we are now gearing up to Victory Road and the illustrious Impact 1000. What will we see heading into these events? Let's find out.

We begin tonight with some action on BTI.

KUSHIDA vs Drilla Moloney (IWGP JR Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)

KUSHIDA tosses Moloney to the outside. Moloney traps KUSHIDA in the ring apron, then follows up with a series of strikes. The action gets back in the ring, Moloney hits a dropkick on KUSHIDA, covers him and gets a two. Moloney charges into the corner but KUSHIDA is able to dodge, creating an opening to turn the tide. KUSHIDA picks Moloney off the top rope with a Hurricanrana but Moloney hits a superkick to stop KUSHIDA’s momentum. KUSHIDA is able to bounce back and locks in the Hoverboard Lock to win by submission.

A good match. It’s a shame that KUSHIDA was on BTI rather than the main show, but he still put on a match worthy of the main show. I enjoyed watching Moloney as well, a great athlete. Grade C+

Impact Wrestling begins now!

Match 1: Knockouts #1 Contender Battle Royal - Killer Kelly vs Masha Slamovich vs KiLynn King vs Gisele Shaw vs Savannah Evans vs Jody Threat vs Jessicka vs Courtney Rush vs Alisha Edwards vs Vanna Black

This match is to determine who will face Trinity at Victory Road for the Knockouts World Title.

The Death Dollz bring the fight to Alisha and Vanna, who form a momentary alliance. The first elimination comes when MK Ultra throw Vanna to the outside. Savannah eliminates Kelly but Jai Vidal prevents Gisele from being thrown over the top. Gisele is able to capitalise off of Jai’s involvement and eliminates Masha. Courtney clotheslines Gisele for the elimination but also takes herself out in the process. KiLynn eliminates Jessicka, then delivers a jumping knee strike to Savannah. Jody follows up with a running dropkick to eliminate Savannah. KiLynn and Jody square off as KiLynn gains the upper-hand with a Neutralizer. Jody comes back with a German suplex but just when it appears that she’s going to win, Alisha Edwards appears out of nowhere and tosses them both over the top rope. Alisha was never eliminated!

A good match to start the show. It’s good to see most of the women being showcased. Even better to have someone completely unexpected winning this one. Keep making the Knockout’s division one to watch! Grade C

We are shown a replay of the match, and it shows that Alisha basically hid under the ring, therefore she was never eliminated. We see that Trinity was watching the match backstage.

Backstage Segment:

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are backstage. They are approached by Josh Alexander. Josh apologises for losing focus and costing them the 8-man tag team match at Emergence. Josh says that he was too caught up with Steve Maclin and that he shouldn’t have been and he should have been more focused on the match. Alex Shelley is not happy with the way that Josh keeps touching the Impact World Championship and he accuses Josh of thinking him to be a transitional champion. Alex then tells Josh to ask his previous opponents if they think he is a transitional champion. Josh walks away. Chris Sabin once again tries to address Lio Rush, but they are interrupted by the Rascalz. Chis says that the Rascalz are an embarrassment to the tag team titles and he challenges Zachary Wentz to a match.

Backstage Segment:

Alisha and Eddie Edwards celebrate Alisha winning the battle royal to become the number one contender for the Knockouts World championship. Alisha says that they are the true power couple of Impact. Alisha then speaks into the camera to Trinity, telling her to get a good luck at what the next Knockout’s champion looks like.

Match 2: Crazzy Steve vs Mike Bailey

Bailey goes for the Tornado Kick but Steve counters. Steve pushes his fingers into Bailey’s eyes and doesn’t break the hold by the referee’s 5 count, causing the disqualification.

A non match, so cannot really give this one a rating. Steve seems to have dissolved into chaos since his interviews with Tom Hannifan. I’m excited to see where his character goes.

After the match, Steve tries to attack Bailey's eyes with a fork, but he is confronted by Black Taurus. Steve attacks Taurus, attacking his eyes. Security rush to the ring but Steve manages to fight them off one by one.

Backstage Segment:

It seems that Moose, Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards are united ahead of tonight's six-man tag match. Eddie says that he is on a roll, he taught Kazarian a lesson and his wife is now the number 1 contender. They are interrupted by Bully Ray, who asks Moose and Myers for their help with their problem with PCO. Moose says that it is Bully’s problem with PCO. Moose and Myers tell Bully that he is on his own after he abandoned them a second time. PCO can be heard screaming for Bully.


In addition to his appearance at Bound for Glory, Will Ospreay will be at Turning Point on October 27th in Newcastle, UK. This will air on Impact Plus on November 3rd.

Backstage Segment:

PCO is seen chasing Bully through a corridor. Bully hides behind a door while shouting for help. Bully tells PCO to calm down and that this has gone too far. PCO shouts that Bully tried to kill him. Bully calls PCO “Carl” and tells him that he wanted to kill the monster and that he cares about him. Bully eventually manages to close the door and walk away. We see PCO just standing at the door.

Match 3: Kon vs Eric Young

The early advantage goes to Kon as he hits a Spinebuster on Eric, covering him and getting a two. Kon throws Eric over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor. Kon charges into the corner but Eric avoids him. Eric has Kon staggered as he spikes him with a Death Valley Driver, covering him for two. Eric bites the head of Kon, then flies with a top rope elbow drop for another near fall. Eric clotheslines Kon over the top rope, then dives to the outside. Eric hits a Piledriver on the floor but somehow, Kon makes it back into the ring before the referee’s 10 count. Eric hits a second Piledriver to score the pinfall victory.

Another good match. I’m happy that there was no interference from Deaner. Some brilliant moves were delivered in this match. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

X-Division Champion Lio Rush talks trash about Chris Sabin, saying that Sabin is not ready to step back into the ring with Rush. KUSHIDA interrupts Rush, holds up his X and tells Rush “Victory Road”.

Jordynne Grace returns at Victory Road.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo. Gia asks Deonna where her head is right now. Deonna says that she remains the face of the Knockouts Division and she has faced several setbacks before. Deonna reminds everyone that she was a part of the first ever women’s PPV main event. Deonna then says that the Knockout’s Division has moved past Jordynne Grace, but if she wants to return, that's fine. Deonna then challenges Jordynne to a match at Victory Road.

Match 4: Zachary Wentz w/Trey Miguel vs Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley

Zachary sends Chris to the outside, then takes him out with a dive over the top rope. Trey is about to get involved at ringside but Alex warns him not to. Back in the ring, Chris spikes him with a tornado DDT out of the corner. Zachary hits a superkick, followed by a modified Half Nelson Slam for two. Zachary connects with a handspring knee but Chris fires back with a dropkick and both men are down. Chris locks in the STF but Trey distracts the referee. Alex pulls Trey off the apron, then positions him for a running knee from Chris. Chris continues the assault with an assisted dive through the ropes, colliding with both of the Rascalz on the steel guardrail. Chris puts Zachary away with the Cradle Shock to win.

A great match from these two. Nice fast paced action. Always love to see Sabin in action and he has great chemistry with Zachary. Grade B

After the match, Trey rushes into the ring to attack Chris. Alex gets into the ring and the Rascalz retreat up the ramp.

Backstage Segment:

ABC are backstage. Ace congratulates the Rascalz on winning the tag titles, but it now will be sweeter for ABC to win the titles from them. Bey says that ABC are the greatest tag team in the world and that the Impact tag titles belong to them. Bey then accuses the Rascalz of paying off the Good Hands. The Good Hands then interrupt, saying that their attack on ABC had nothing to do with the Rascalz. The Good Hands say that they still have a score to settle with ABC, so ABC need to keep the Good Hands name out of their mouths. ABC says that the Good Hands need to mind their business. Bey challenges the Good Hands, but he is told “not yet”.

Backstage Segment:

SUBCULTURE are backstage with Santino Marella. They want their rematch for the Impact tag titles. Santino tells them that the Rascalz are scheduled to defend their titles against the Motor City Machine Guns at Victory Road, but if they want a match, they can face Rich Swann and Sami Callihan.

After their victory on Countdown to Emergence, JOYA are looking to get a tag title match, but Santino says that they need to wait for the opportunity.

In Ring Segment:

Kenny King and Sheldon Jean are in the ring. Kenny is reflecting on his win over Johnny Swinger at Emergence. Tommy Dreamer interrupts. Dreamer attempted to make the save at Emergence but was kicked in the head as a result. Dreamer tells us that Johnny Swinger received a call right before his match that his father-in-law had passed away. Dreamer then talks about the women having the main event at Emergence and how the women are killing it. Dreamer says that he saw Kenny & Sheldon in a bar that night and they weren’t watching the main event. Dreamer says that Kenny used to be a guy who asked for advice and had respect for people in the business.

Kenny says that he had no idea that Swinger’s father-in-law passed away. Kenny then says that he should have been in the main event. He then accuses Dreamer of not wanting to give up his spot to someone like Kenny. Dreamer says the problem with Kenny is that he is always looking to take shortcuts. Dreamer asks Kenny how many main events he has been in. Dreamer says he gave up on millions of dollars from WCW & WWE. He says that he is old and damn proud of it. Dreamer then talks about Sting, Chris Jericho and PCO. Dreamer says that if Kenny wants his spot, why not take it. Dreamer then challenges Kenny King to a career vs title match.

Backstage Segment:

Steve Maclin is backstage. He says that time makes him dangerous. He says that the Golden Boy of Impact, Josh Alexander is back, but so is he. Maclin says that it is tag ‘em, bag ‘em and mayhem for Josh Alexander.

Main Event Match: Six Man Tag Team Match - SANADA, Jake Something & Frankie Kazarian vs Moose, Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards

Jake launches himself over the top rope as he takes out Moose, Brian and Eddie on the outside. Dirty Dango and Alpha Bravo are seen watching the match on a monitor backstage. SANADA hits the ropes but Moose hits him with a knee back from the apron. Brian capitalises with a back suplex and gains control. Moments later, SANADA ties up Eddie, then drives Brian face-first into Eddie’s backside. Eddie draws the attention of the referee, allowing Moose to attack SANADA from the apron. Eddie hits SANADA with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. SANADA counters a powerbomb attempt from Moose into a Hurricanrana. SANADA tags in Frankie, who immediately goes after Eddie. Frankie hits Eddie with a powerslam, followed by a pair of springboard leg drops for Eddie and Brian. Frankie almost puts Eddie away with the Unprettier. Both men are down following in-sync crossbodies in the middle of the ring. Frankie tags in Jake, who puts his strength on display with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Moose. Moose comes back with a powerbomb of his own to Jake. SANADA hits Moose with a Shining Wizard. Brian takes SANADA out with the Roster Cut. Frankie spikes Brian with a slingshot DDT. Frankie and Eddie topple over the top rope to the floor. Jake puts Brian away with Into the Void for three.

A great main event. It's great to see different people getting the main event match as well. Great chemistry in this match. I’m really hoping that Jake Something gets a great push this time around. He is a great talent. It’s also great to see SANADA on Impact again. Grade B+

Overall, a good episode of Impact, with some surprising results in the matches. I am super excited for Impact 1000! Can’t wait to see what matches we will have and what Impact legends will show up.

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