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Impact Wrestling Review 23/02/2023

A review of the final episode of Impact before No Surrender

Jamie-Leigh brings you the lowdown of the latest instalment of IMPACT, hours away from NO SURRENDER!

We open the show with both Trey Miguel and Crazzy Steve locked in their respective rooms. According to the commentators, they have had no food, no water and no light for the past 23 hours. Not sure how someone is expected to wrestle after that, but I love a Monster’s Ball Match!

Match 1 – Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Lots of teamwork shown from Gresham and Bailey in the opening of the match. Thy continue working on Alex Shelley’s leg/knee. At this point in the match, I did notice that Mike Bailey wears kickpads but no shoes, that seems strange to me. Beautiful pinning combination from Gresham and a nice show of strength. Mike Bailey absolutely impressive with the Suplex to Chris Sabin which then turns into a submission to Alex Shelley. The MCMG’s showing why they are a highly decorated tag team with some fluid tag team moves. There is amazing chemistry between all four men. Lots of almost match ending moments, whether that be pinfall or submission. Nice flurry of back and forth between the teams. I genuinely could watch this match for an hour! MCMG’s pick up the victory! Beautiful match, not much I can say bad about it! Grade B+

Promo segment hyping the Impact World Championship match at No Surrender

Nothing much to say about the promo, it did a good job of recapping what happened when Rich Swann lost the Championship and his journey back to the championship.

Recap of BTI showing what happened last week between Gisele Shaw & Deonna Purrazo, this then cuts to Deonna who threatens to break Gisele’s arm at No Surrender.

Nice little hype for their match on the No Surrender pre show.

Match 2 – Beat the Clock Match Tommy Dreamer vs Jason Hotch w/John Skyler

Very quick match, only 01:15. Not too much to say about this one. Although it was a nice finish from the 2nd rope for the victory for Tommy Dreamer. Grade D

Footage from earlier today of Joe Hendry meeting his fans to hype the Dot Combat Match at No Surrender, followed by a promo video for No Surrender.

Match 3 – Taya Valkyrie w/The Death Dollz vs Allysin Kay w/ Marti Belle (The Hex)

Hard hitting match with a good amount of back and forth. A slower paced match which appeared to have a couple of missteps but overall not a bad match. Heel distraction techniques used from The Hex, the Death Dollz even this up, but Allysin Kay manages to capitalize on the distraction and hits an AK-47 on Taya for the victory. Grade C-

Backstage contract signing between Rich Swann & Josh Alexander, shows a bit of tension between both men. Interrupted by Steve Maclin which leads to a brawl between Swann and Maclin.

Match 4 – The Design’s Deaner & Callihan vs Yuya Uemura & Frankie Kazarian

Callihan showing his loyalty here to The Design and Deaner. Nice amount of chemistry in the teams. Quick tags between Deaner and Callihan with a very dominant showing from them. Quicker pace when Kazarian enters the match which continues through the rest of the match. Good amounts of team work from both sides. Deaner demanding a tag from Callihan but he drops from the ring, leaving Callihan to finish the match. This leads to Kazarian locking in a submission and making Callihan tap out for the victory. Grade C+

Promo of Mickie James, discussing “The Last Rodeo” and the issue of whether Mickie tapped. This leads into Masha Slamovich telling us that she will end Mickie James’ career.

Backstage – The Design and Callihan, we find out that Step 5 is will Callihan stay loyal to The Design. Deaner then tells Callihan the he doesn’t choose to join The Design, The Design choose whether he joins.

Match 5 – Beat the Clock Challenge Match Bully Ray vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Instant interference from The Good Hands, Bully puts the chain on his hand and while the ref is distracted he hits Bhupinder. Covers him and gets the victory, beating Tommy Dreamer’s time. Bully Ray gets to speak first at Busted Open Live at No Surrender. Grade F

Backstage shows Trey Miguel and Crazzy Steve in their rooms waiting for the Monster’s Ball Match.

Backstage we see Bhupinder Gujjar sitting on a chair, Tommy Dreamer talks to him about his match, Bhupinder apologizes to Dreamer. Dreamer tells him to use that loss to make himself greater.

Main Event – Monster’s Ball Match for the X-Division Championship Trey Miguel vs Crazzy Steve

To start this match, we see Black Taurus let Steve out of his room and security let Trey out of his room.

Early bleeding from Steve, very painful looking back body drop onto the chairs! Lots of weapon interaction in this match. Staple gun to the downstairs region – that did not look like it tickled!

This match definitely follows the usual formula of a Monster’s Ball Match. Both men try to use a fork on the other – possible homage to Abdulla the Butcher? We get Thumbtacks! What makes a Monster’s Ball Match good? Throw in some Thumbtacks. A beautifully executed Black Hole Slam onto the Thumbtacks from Crazzy Steve, definitely paying homage to Abyss with that one! Trey stomps Steve onto the tacks, followed by a double clothesline onto the tacks.

Steve goes under the ring and pulls out Janice! We are getting a lot of nods to Abyss in this one. Steve hits a Death Valley Driver through the table and goes for the pin, Trey manages to kick out. So much back and forth in this one, painful looking back and forth though, especially with Trey rolling through the tacks to avoid Steve. Massive Canadian Destroyer into the tacks. This match is insane!!! Kick out from Trey. Janice finally comes into play, straight across Trey’s head.

We see a bed of barbed wire outside the ring. Looks like Steve is setting up to drop Trey into the bed of barbed wire, but Trey hits a low blow which enables Trey to put Steve through the bed of barbed wire. Trey rolls Steve back into the ring for the pinfall. Absolutely brutal but amazing match, I have a soft spot for Monster’s Ball Matches! Grade B+

Overall, a good final episode before a PPV. I’m excited to watch No Surrender!

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