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Impact Wrestling Review 20/7/23

This week’s episode of Impact comes to us from St. Clair College SportsPlex, Windsor, Ontario.

We start with an exclusive match on BTI.

Crazzy Steve vs Alan Angels

The reinvented “Celestial” Alan Angels is on his own as he looks for a win over Crazzy Steve. Angels demands that the ring announcer, Jennifer “Jade” Chung, introduces him as “Windsor’s favourite wrestler”. Steve then tells Jade to ask the crowd if they want him to bite Angels’ face off, and the crowd goes wild. Angels retreats to the outside, then uses the apron to trip up Steve and gain control. Steve finds a window of opportunity and connects with the cannonball in the corner. Steve bites the face of Angels’, then follows up with a Flatliner, covers Angels and gets a two. Steve locks in a Crossface but Angels crawls to the bottom rope. Angels connects with the Halo Strike, covers Steve and gets the victory.

A good opening match for BTI. I’m so happy that Angels is back on his own. He needs to break out by himself and show how good of a wrestler he actually is. Crazzy Steve is always enjoyable to watch. Grade C.

After the match, Heath appears out of nowhere and hits Angels with a Wake Up Call.

The Fallout from Slammiversary episode of Impact starts now.

In Ring Segment:

Scott D’Amore is in the ring. D’Amore says that Slammiversary was a special night, thanks to the fans. He says that standing with Eric Young, A1 and Darren McCarty will be a moment he will always remember. He says that his leave of absence from being the President of Impact Wrestling is now over. He tells us that the Director of Authority Santino Marella will face Dirty Dango, and we will hear from the returning Josh Alexander.

Scott D’Amore is then interrupted by the Good Hands. John Skyler says that D’Amore is a coward. D’Amore then challenges the Good Hands to get into the ring. Jason Hotch says that D’Amore has been a roadblock for the Good Hands. Skyler says that D’Amore is due a beating from the Good Hands. D’Amore says that the Good Hands can face these two guys. Out comes Sami Callihan and Rich Swann.

Match 1: Rich Swann & Sami Callihan vs The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)

Callihan launches Swann into a springboard crossbody on Hotch. The fight spills to the outside where Hotch bounces back with a step-up Moonsault to both of his opponents. The Good Hands gain the momentary advantage until Swann creates separation with a double dropkick out of the corner. Swann makes the tag to Callihan, who enters the match with a burst of speed. Callihan spikes Hotch with the Death Valley Driver but Skyler breaks up the pin. Swann and Callihan connect with a double Razor’s Edge on Hotch to score the victory.

An OK match to start Impact. I wonder where the situation between the Good Hands and Scott D’Amore is going. I don’t really see D’Amore having another set of matches this soon, but I could be wrong. I would love to see Team Canada reform for good and actually have them in proper feuds. Grade C-

Backstage Segment:

Ace Austin and Chris Bey are backstage. Bey says that Slammiversary should have been the best show of the year, but it wasn’t. ABC are determined to take back their Impact Tag Team Championships in their rematch against SubCulture tonight. They are then interrupted by the Rascalz, who cost ABC their titles at Slammiversary. The two teams begin to brawl until they are separated by security. Scott D’Amore has security remove the Rascalz from the building so they cannot interfere in the match later.

Scott D’Amore speaks to Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. He tells them that after their antics over the past few weeks, they will face each other one on one next week. D’Amore says that if Swinger wins, he will get the title shot he has been waiting for. But, the loser of the match will be fired from Impact Wrestling.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage with Eric Young, who returned from the dead at Slammiversary. Eric says that it was cool to be standing in the ring alongside Scott D’Amore. Nick Aldis interrupts. He talks about the “internet darlings” running this promotion into the ground. Aldis proposes that he and Young join forces to stop this happening. Eric says that he hasn't decided what his next steps in Impact are, but if there is one thing he can get behind is tradition, the tradition of settling their differences in the ring. Eric challenges Aldis to a match and Aldis accepts.

Match 2: Jake Something vs Kevin Knight

Jake displays his incredible strength early on as he wipes out Knight in mid-air. Jake hits a big powerslam, covers Knight and gets a two. Both men exchange strikes with Jake gaining the upper-hand following a series of chops. Knight bounces back with a springboard dropkick, followed by a crossbody to the outside. Knight hits a running clothesline, followed by a twisting splash for a near fall of his own. Knight leaps up the top rope but Jake counters into a super sit-down powerbomb. Knight creates separation with a dropkick, then soars with a top rope crossbody. Knight can’t put Jake away as the tide turns once again. Jake connects with Into the Void to pick up the victory.

A good match. It’s great to see Jake back and that it wasn’t just a one off appearance for Slammiversary. Knight again showing amazing athleticism in the match, he is always fun to watch. Grade C+

Match 3: Courtney Rush w/Jessicka vs Savannah Evans w/Gisele Shaw

Gisele distracts the referee from ringside, allowing Vidal to get involved. Savannah capitalises with a big splash to Courtney in the corner. Savannah continues the assault with a leg drop, covers Courtney and gets a two. Courtney tries to fight back but Savannah shuts her momentum down with a Spinebuster out of the corner. Gisele provides another distraction for Savannah. Jessicka has had enough, she neutralises Gisele at ringside. Jody Threat appears at ringside and does the same to Vidal as she carries him out of the Impact Zone on her shoulder. Courtney spears Savannah to score the victory.

An OK match. It's nice to see the numbers game being taken away from Gisele, Savannah and Jai. Gisele does seem to have dropped far from the title picture though and I am unsure why. But it is nice to see some variation with women’s feuds. Grade C

Sit Down Interview:

Jonathan Gresham requested a sit down interview with Tom Hannifan. Gresham talks about the Ultimate X match. He says that the tag line for Ultimate X is no limits, which means no rules. He says that he fought to bring back rules in Ring of Honor, yet somehow he finds himself in this type of match. He says that this environment might not be for him and he walks away.

Match 4: Santino Marella vs Dirty Dango.

Marella looks to prove that he’s not a “one trick pony” as Dango called him, locking in an armbar in the early going. Dango fights free but Marella transitions into a leg lock instead. The pace quickens as Marella hits a series of arm drags. Dango retreats to the outside, then hangs up Marella on the ropes to slow things down. Marella goes low on Dango as the referee shows some leniency. Dango hits a strong Irish whip into the corner turnbuckles. Dango crashes and burns on high-risk offence. A mystery man in riot gear appears on the apron. Dango pushes Marella head-first into his helmet, Dango takes advantage of this and scores the three count over Marella.

An OK match. I hope that these two get a proper ending to their feud. At this point, it probably needs to be a big blow off match as well. The match could have been better. I’m slightly confused by the interference from the man in the helmet, but we shall see where it goes. Grade C-

After the match, the man in the helmet removes his helmet and is revealed to be John E Bravo.

Backstage Segment:

While they are looking for Jai Vidal, Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evan run into MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly). Gisele tells them to move out of the way, Masha tells her to make them (in Russian). Jody Threat appears with Jai Vidal and tells Gisele and Savannah to make sure that this is the last time she has to do this.

Backstage Segment:

Alisha and Eddie Edwards are backstage. Alisha says that Traci Brooks is not even close to the woman she is. Traci Brooks shows up and the women end up in a brawl.

Match 5: Impact World Tag Team Championship Match - SubCulture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) w/Dani Luna vs ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Webster hits Austin with a springboard crossbody to the outside. Austin is quickly thrown back into the ring where he’s caught with a Northern Lights suplex from Andrews. Austin hits an Enzuigiri to the back of Webster’s head, creating separation and allowing Austin to make the tag to Bey. The pace quickens as Bey goes on the attack. Bey spikes Andrews with a Brainbuster and gets a two count. Webster is held up in ABC’s corner before they take him down with double team offence for two. Andrews prevents the assisted Art of Finesse on his partner by kicking Austin in the back of the head. SubCulture almost put Bey away with the Blitz Knee Bop but Austin breaks the pin attempt. Bey soars over the top rope, crashing into both members of SubCulture on the floor. Webster denies ABC of the 1, 2 Sweet. Andrews hits Bey with Stundog Millionaire and everyone is down. The Rascalz appear at ringside as Zachary Wentz distracts the referee, allowing Trey Miguel to wipe out Austin. Andrews traps Bey in a pinning predicament to score the pinfall victory.

Brilliant match. Love these teams and they have amazing chemistry together. I am enjoying the Rascalz putting themselves into the title picture by interfering in these matches, and I’m sure that they will have great matches with either team. Grade B+

In Ring Segment:

Following his return at Slammiversary, Josh Alexander is here to provide us with an update on his condition. Alexander says it’s bittersweet being in the ring, because the last time he was in an Impact ring, it was in Windsor, Ontario. And it was one of his toughest days of his career because he had to relinquish the title that he fought so hard to earn and keep. He says he got to realise his dream because of Impact Wrestling. He says Impact gave him an opportunity and he made the best of that opportunity. He says it was all taken away in an instant because of a freak injury. Alexander says that when he left back in April, he promised that he would come back better than ever. Alexander admits that he had some doubts while he was recovering but when he saw Steve Maclin win the IMPACT World Title at Rebellion, it motivated him to work harder. Alexander announces that he is 100% cleared for in-ring competition, but he’s not just here to compete, he wants to reclaim the Impact World Title that he never lost. Imapct World Champion Alex Shelley comes to the ring and is face to face with Alexander. Shelley brings up their first meeting in which Alexander was victorious. Shelley wants to prove that he has what it takes to defeat the “Walking Weapon”. Shelley accepts Alexander’s challenge, then X-Division Champion Lio Rush interrupts. Rush says that if he wants to become Impact World Champion, all he has to do is exercise Option C.

Ultimate X winner and holder of a future X-Division Title opportunity, KUSHIDA comes out next. He says that there’s no Option C until Rush has faced him with that title on the line. Out of nowhere, Bully Ray, Moose and Brian Myers storm the ring, attacking Alexander, Shelley and KUSHIDA. Bully wants Rush to join them but he hesitates and decides to retreat.

Another great episode of Impact. We are seeing rivalries build up even more and some new ones starting to appear. I hope that if Lio Rush does challenge for the World Title by utilising option C that he gets absolutely destroyed and then he won’t have either title. I am so happy that Josh Alexander is cleared to compete and he can challenge for the title, he was a brilliant champion.


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