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Impact Wrestling Review 18/5/23

This weeks action begins Before the IMPACT with this match:

The Design (Deaner & Kon) w/ Angels vs Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Dice shows off his athleticism in the early going as he does a cartwheel in the middle of the ring. Deaner isn’t impressed and delivers a straight right hand to the jaw of Dice. Swinger and Kon engage in a test of strength, which Kon easily wins. Angels delivers a cheap shot to Swinger while Deaner has the referee distracted. Deaner then bites Swinger and The Design is in total control. Swinger avoids a diving headbutt from Deaner, allowing him to finally make the tag to Dice. The pace quickens as Dice pummels Kon in the corner with a series of fists. Kon quickly turns the tide and powerbombs Dice into the mat. Deaner finishes off Dice with The Antidote to win.