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Impact Wrestling Review 15/6/23

Impact Wrestling emanates from Western Fair District Agriplex in London Ontario.

We begin tonight with action on Before the Impact.

Champagne Singh & Shera vs Laredo Kid & Jack Price

Kid soars to Singh while performing successive springboard moonsaults. Shera resists Price's attempt to arm drag him by using a clothesline. Singh is able to send Price into the steel guardrail on the outside because Shera diverts the referee's attention. Price is able to create separation by hitting Singh with a DDT. Price tags Kid, who attacks Singh with a jumping neckbreaker. With a top rope crossbody to the floor, Kid takes out Shera. Singh hits Price with a Champagne Pop to claim the victory for his team.

An OK match. Nothing spectacular, but I wasn’t expecting it to be, but it was an easy watching match. Grade C-

After the match, Heath jumps Singh and Shera from behind, hitting both men with a Wake Up Call.

The Fallout from Against All Odds begins now as Impact goes on the air!

In Ring Segment:

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are in the ring to address their historic singles championship victories at Against All Odds. Shelley is now the Impact World Champion for the very first time after defeating Steve Maclin and Sabin is a record-setting 9-time X-Division Champion after defeating Trey Miguel. Sabin says that he thought it was all a dream until he woke up this morning and reality set in. Shelley talks about finally winning “the big one” after mentoring countless of wrestling’s top stars to do the same. Shelley then thanks the fans, the locker room and everyone who has helped raise him in this industry. Shelley ushers in the “Machine Gun” era of Impact Wrestling when Nick Aldis interrupts. Aldis will challenge Shelley for the Impact World Title at Slammiversary after winning the first-ever 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds. Aldis apologises for the interruption and congratulates Shelley on his accomplishment. Aldis thanks Shelley for pulling him up when he was just a rookie in Impact Wrestling, but he’s going to do everything in his power to ensure he leaves Slammiversary as Impact World Champion. The former X-Division Champion Trey Miguel interrupts, followed by Kenny King and Sheldon Jean as they accuse Shelley, Sabin and Aldis of being “front office favourites”. Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal then interrupt. Shaw says that Impact rolled out the red carpet for Trinity, just like they did for Aldis and the Guns. Trinity is out next as she fires back at Shaw. Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo enters the fray and tensions are rising. Director of Authority Santino Marella comes out and makes tonight’s main event official: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Nick Aldis, Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity vs Trey Miguel, Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans in an all-star 5-on-5 tag team match.

Backstage Segment:

Steve Maclin announces that he will get his rematch against Alex Shelley on Friday 30th June at the Down Under Tour in Australia.

Backstage Segment:

We see the Design. Deaner and Angels are arguing over who is at fault for them losing to oVe at Against All Odds. Kon is able to deescalate the situation and convinces Deaner and Angels to prove to the rest of the locker room that Impact belongs to the Design.

Match 1: Moose vs Rich Swann

Rich Swann and Moose reprise their historic feud tonight after being unable to get along in the first-ever 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds! Swann jumps off the apron, but Moose catches him mid-air and throws him against the steel guardrail and the ring apron. Moose throws a series of chops as the fight continues outside. Swann gains momentum as Moose crashes and burns at the corner. In order to provide some much-needed separation, Swann hits a tornado DDT. Moose leaps to the top of the rope and unleashes a powerful Superplex. Moose to the top, attempts a cutter, but Swann catches Moose with a cutter of his own. Swann then bounces off the ropes and hits another cutter for a two count. Moose is able to hit a powerbomb and manages to get a near fall. Moose goes for the Spear, but Swann is able to counter into a roll up and gets the pin.

A good match. I’m liking the renewed rivalry between these two. Hopefully it will continue and we will get another good programme from them. Grade C+

Backstage Segment:

Heath is backstage, he warns the entire roster not to sleep on him and he vows to give them all a “Wake Up Call”.

Backstage Segment:

Brian Myers is backstage. He admits that he wasn’t able to lead the Good Hands to victory at Against All Odds. Myers approaches Moose and tells him that he believes that they can get the job done.

In Ring Segment:

Bully Ray is in the ring. He says that he has filed a complaint with Anthem Sports & Entertainment after the Impact President Scott D’Amore cost him the 8-4-1 Match at Against All Odds with a steel chair. Bully then calls himself a victim, and says that his mental health is declining since the incident. Bully is demanding answers, and Scott D’Amore comes out. D’Amore says that he has spoken to the Board of Directors and he admits that his actions were not becoming of a President. He says that the Board has advised that he takes a leave of absence as President. D’Amore then takes down Bully Ray and begins laying into Bully with fists. Steve Maclin then appeared out of nowhere and began attacking D’Amore. Maclin is about to attack D’Amore with a steel chair, but PCO comes out to make the save. Bully Ray and Maclin begin to attack PCO with steel chairs, but he is able to fight out of it. PCO and D’Amore join forces to send Maclin and Bully retreating up the ramp. D’Amore then announces that it will be him and PCO vs Maclin and Bully at Slammiversary.

Backstage Segment:

Steve Maclin and Bully Ray are talking about how PCO will not stay down. They are interrupted by Frankie Kazarian. It seems that Bully and Maclin are not happy with Kazarian interrupting them as they square up to Kazarian, but Eddie Edwards comes between them with a kendo stick. Edwards says that Bully and Maclin have bigger things to worry about than Kazarian. Bully and Maclin leave after telling Kazarian and Edwards that he has no problem in them finding out what he is capable of. Kazarian is confused why Edwards came to his aid. Edwards tells Kazarian that in his eyes, the only person that can mess with a Kowalski person, is another Kowalski person. He says that as much as they may not like what the other does, they will always have that bond. Alisha asks if Edwards is serious, but Edwards says that they are good.

Match 2: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

Taurus suplexes Crazzy Steve into Austin. Steve bites both members of ABC but they catch him with mid-air double superkicks. Bey soars with a Moonsault to take out Taurus on the outside. ABC hit 1-2-Sweet on Steve and they pin Steve for the victory.

A decent match from these men. No surprise that ABC picked up the win on this one. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

As ABC are making their way backstage after the match, they meet up with the Motor City Machine Guns. The teams bury the hatchet after their intense rivalry over the Impact Tag Team Championship.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is interviewing Bhupinder Gujjar. They are discussing his upcoming episode of Diaries that looks into his journey from India into professional wrestling stardom. This is then interrupted by Dirty Dango who is jealous and says there should be a documentary about him instead.

It has been announced that Gisele Shaw will challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship on July 1st at the Down Under Tour. If Gisele wins, then she will defend the title in a three-way match against Purrazzo and Trinity at Slammiversary.

Matches Announced for Next Week:

  • oVe vs The Good Hands & Brian Myers

  • The Design vs Jonathan Gresham & Mike Bailey

  • Taylor Wilde vs Killer Kelly

  • Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian vs Steve Maclin & Bully Ray

Main Event Match: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Nick Aldis, Deonna Purrazzo & Trinity vs Trey Miguel, Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara Armbar on Evans while Trinity locks in Star Struck on Shaw until Miguel and Jean break things up. King gets involved from the apron as he hangs up Sabin on the top rope. Miguel capitalises with an Enzuigiri for two. King distracts the referee, allowing the rest of his team to attack Sabin on the outside. Miguel continues to wear Sabin down as he cuts off the ring and prevents him from making the tag. Sabin tries to scramble towards his corner but King shuts him down once again. Sabin finally creates some separation with a tornado DDT off the second rope. Sabin makes the tag to Shelley as the pace quickens. Shelley goes on the attack, taking out King with a superkick on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelley hits a top rope Atomic Drop on Miguel, then locks in the Motor City Stretch. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved. Vidal blindsides Trinity with a clothesline while the referee is distracted. Aldis tosses him over the top rope but gets caught with a neckbreaker from Miguel. Shelley ducks, causing King to collide with Jean. Aldis connects with a Michinoku Driver on King. Shelley hits Shell Shock on Jean to score the victory.

A chaotic but great match. It was an interesting main event to say the least. There was an interesting dynamic between the teams. Again, the obvious team won the match, but it was still very enjoyable. Grade B

After the match, Aldis turns on Shelley as he hits Shelley over the head with the Impact World Championship. Aldis retreats away after Sabin makes the save.

Overall a good episode of Impact. Nice to see some stories developing after Against All Odds and some rivalries continuing. With the upcoming Down Under Tour, we may even see some new champions come forward.


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