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Impact Wrestling Review 12/10/23

This week’s episode of Impact comes to us from Graceland in Memphis Tennessee.

This is the penultimate episode of Impact before Bound for Glory.

The action begins with an exclusive match on BTI.

Alan Angel vs Laredo Kid

Lardeo sends Alan to the outside with a Hurricanrana. Laredo flies with a springboard crossbody to the floor, followed by a top rope splash, covers and gets a two. Alan manages to turn the tide with a neckbreaker on the exposed part of the turnbuckle. Alan hits a pair of Half and Half suplexes but it’s not enough to keep Laredo down for the 3. Laredo fights back with a missile dropkick off the top, then follows up with a pair of twisting sentons. Alan connects with the Halo Strike but Laredo kicks out at two. Alan rakes the eyes of Laredo, then hits the Angels Wings to pick up the victory.

An exciting match to kick things off. I still can’t grasp the concept of the matches on BTI, as they always seem to have great matches on BTI that I would have thought they would want to put on the main show. But, I’m just happy that I get to see more great wrestling! Grade C+

Impact Wrestling is now on the air!

Match 1: World Tag Team Championship Match - The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs Sami Callihan & Rich Swann

Zachary makes a blind tag, then hangs up Sami on the ropes. Zachary hits the double knees, followed by a neckbreaker from Trey. The Rascalz cut off the ring and begin to wear Sami down with the two-on-one offence. Moments later, Sami is able to create some separation with a big clothesline to Trey. Rich is tagged into the match as the pace begins to quicken. Rich hits a diving senton, crashing into both Trey & Zachary on the outside. Rich is perched on the top but Trey slows him down. Zachary capitalises with a Superplex to shut down Rich’s momentum. Trey counters a Chokeslam from Sami but he transitions into a reverse Chokeslam instead. Rich and Sami bite the Rascalz before everyone collides in the middle of the ring. Trey and Rich exchange strikes before the Rascalz almost put him away with a double team Blockbuster. Trey creates a distraction with the title belt but accidentally blinds Zachary with the spray paint. Sami hits Zachary with an assisted Cactus Driver 97 for a two count. Trey trips up Rich on the top as Zachary delivers a discreet low blow to Sami. The Rascalz hit Hot Fire Flame on Sami to win.

A great opening match! This had that big match feel to it, it definitely could have been a match at Bound for Glory, but we now get what could possibly be a match of the year candidate at Bound for Glory between ABC & The Rascalz. Grade B

Backstage Segment:

Kenny King thinks that Scott D’Amore and Santino Marella are refusing to give him his contractually-obligated rematch for the Digital Media Title. After Heath neutralised him in a Memphis Street Fight two weeks ago, Kenny vows to make Heath atone for his sins.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is backstage interviewing KiLynn King. KiLynn was unable to coexist with Jody Threat in the 10-person tag team match last week. KiLynn blames Jody for taking out Taylor Wilde with a tire iron. Santino Marella appears and he is suspicious that KiLynn was aware of a tire iron being used in the attack on Taylor. KiLynn admits that she was the one who attacked Taylor, stating that she became dead weight after The Coven lost the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles.

Match 2: 5 Way Match to determine the Number 20 entry & the Number 1 entry into the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory - Eric Young vs Jordynne Grace vs Champagne Singh vs Jake Something vs Dirty Dango w/Alpha Bravo

The premise of this match is that the winner will become the number 20 entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match and the loser will be the number 1 entrant.

Eric squares off with Jake as the two exchange offence. Both men are down following double clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Dango and Champagne create an impromptu alliance as they focus their attack on Jordynne. Both men go for a pin attempt and begin to argue about who should get the pin. They refocus and connect with a double vertical suplex on Jordynne. Dango heads to the top but Champagne commits the betrayal and trips Dango up. Jordynne hits Champagne with the Juggernaut Jackhammer but Dango breaks up the pin. Jake spears Dango in the corner, followed by a powerbomb. Champagne dumps Jake to the outside and tries to steal the pin but Dango is able to kick out. Jordynne hits a Tower of Doom out of the corner but Dango breaks the pin with the Last Drop from the top rope. Eric has Dango beat following a top rope elbow drop but Alpha Bravo pulls him off the pin. Eric decks him on the floor but gets caught with a blindside assault from Champagne. Out of nowhere, Oleg Prudius (can we say Vladimir Kozlov?) makes his shocking Impact debut and takes out both Eric and Champagne at ringside. Dango sends Jake into a headbutt from Oleg, then capitalises with the Dead End to pick up the win.

A good match. This was the best way for Dango to win it, I don’t think it would have made much sense having him win clean. It was definitely a surprise having Oleg (*Kozlov*) appearing, and having him help Dango was even more surprising. Having Jake take the pin was also a good idea, as he can enter the gauntlet at number 1 and have a strong showing in the match. Some of the match did seem a little unnecessary, but overall, it was good. Grade C

Promo Segment:

Crazzy Steve sends an ominous message to Tommy Dreamer and his former tag team partner, Black Taurus. Steve says that he stabbed Dreamer before Dreamer could stab him, because he is Dreamer’s Angel of Death. Steve vows to teach Taurus a lesson in pain and misery when they meet in a No Disqualification match next week.

Backstage Interview:

Mike Bailey issues an open challenge to anyone who is on the level of Will Ospreay for a match next week. It will take place just 48 hours before his match with Ospreay at Bound For Glory.

Match 3: Courtney Rush w/Jessicka vs Tasha Steelz w/Deonna Purrazzo

Courtney hits a running splash in the corner. Deonna distracts Courtney from the outside, allowing Tasha to gain control with a superkick. Tasha hits the Three Amigos, then taunts Jessicka from inside the ring. Courtney rolls her up for two but Tasha quickly regains control with a pump kick. Both Knockouts are down following double clotheslines. Courtney forgets that she’s in a singles match and tries to tag in Jessicka. Courtney refocuses and locks in the Sharpshooter. Tasha crawls to the bottom rope in order to break the hold. Tasha counters the spear attempt from Courtney into a cutter for the win.

A good match, a good way to get a win for Tasha on her way into the Knockout’s Tag Title match at Bound for Glory. Nothing much to really say about this one, it did what it needed to. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

Steve Maclin is approached by Bully Ray. Bully asks Steve if he called him soft again on the microphone last week. Steve says that he did. Bully Ray says “cool”, taps Steve’s chest and walks away.

Main Event Match: 2 Out of 3 Falls Killer Impact Match - Frankie Kazarian vs Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards

In this match, the 1st fall must be won by Pinfall, the 2nd fall must be won by Submission and the 3rd fall (if needed) will be contested under Last Man Standing rules.

Eddie knocks Frankie to the apron to start but Frankie hits a quick slingshot Fameasser over the middle rope. A slingshot rollup gives Frankie a two count but Eddie pokes Frankie in the eye and grabs a belly to back suplex. Frankie misses a springboard leg drop attempt, allowing Eddie to capitalise with the Boston Knee Party to score the pin, awarding him the first fall.

Eddie fights off a Chicken Wing attempt, then sends Frankie crashing to the floor with a back suplex. The fight spills to the outside where Eddie assaults Frankie with a series of chops. Frankie is busted open but that doesn’t stop him from firing shots back. Back in the ring, Frankie quickens the pace with an explosive clothesline. Eddie shuts down Frankie’s momentum with double knees, followed by a Boston Crab submission. Eddie hits a Backpack Stunner out of the corner but Frankie transitions into a Chicken Wing to win the second fall by submission.

Frankie hits a slingshot Hurricanrana on the floor. Frankie introduces several weapons into the match. Frankie assaults Eddie with repeated trash can shots but Eddie is able to make it back to his feet at the referee’s count of 7. Eddie launches Frankie into a ringside official, before connecting with another belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Frankie is back up at 8 and shows signs of life with his signature cutter. Eddie hits a hip toss into the steel steps. Frankie then connects with an Unprettier on the steps. Frankie is perched on the top but Alisha Edwards cracks him in the head with “Kendra”, the kendo stick. Eddie follows up with thudding Superplex into a pile of steel chairs. They fight to the top of the ramp where Frankie goes low and hits a Styles Clash on the stage. Frankie makes Alisha pay by driving her through a table at ringside. Frankie sends Eddie through a table with the Fade to Black. Eddie is down for the 10 count, awarding the final fall to Frankie.

WOW!!!! What an amazing match!! These two are incredible athletes and they have just given us one of the best matches of the year in my opinion. This was just spectacular and a perfect end to this rivalry. Grade A

Frankie Kazarian is in the ring celebrating his win, and the end to the rivalry as Impact goes off the air.

A brilliant episode of Impact this week. We are on the right track to have an awesome Bound for Glory PPV. People need to tell their friends to watch Impact! It is the best weekly programme! There isn’t loads of filler and the wrestling is great. I am even more excited now about their Newcastle show at the end of the month.



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