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Impact Wrestling Review 11/5/23

Match 1: Masha Slamovich vs Killer Kelly

Kelly hits a delayed Fisherman’s suplex, covers Slamovich and gets a two. Slamovich rolls to the outside and goads Kelly in as she drops her on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Slamovich connects with a running boot in the corner. Slamovich bites Kelly while doing damage with a submission. Kelly delivers a series of headbutts, then hits a double under-hook suplex into the corner. Kelly almost puts Slamovich away with a German suplex into a bridge. Slamovich counters a Killer Clutch attempt, then drops Kelly on her head for another near fall. Kelly counters the Snow Plow into a Death Valley Driver. Kelly locks in the Killer Clutch but Slamovich turns it around into a pinning predicament to win.

After the bell, Kelly won’t let go of the Killer Clutch, forcing Slamovich to pass out.

A good start to Impact. These two women definitely need to have more matches, but I would prefer to see them in a more hardcore environment with their matches. Take advantage of their strengths. They would probably make an amazing tag team in my opinion. Grade C

Backstage Segment: Kenny King gives Sheldon Jean a pep talk ahead of his match with Nick Aldis next.

Backstage Interview: Gia Miller interviews Trinity who made her historic IMPACT debut last week. Trinity says that she’s not just here to talk, she’s here to fight. At Under Siege, Trinity has an open contract for a match – but who will step up to the challenge? Jai Vidal interrupts to take a selfie with Trinity.

Match 2: Nick Aldis vs Sheldon Jean

Kenny King joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary as Nick Aldis competes on IMPACT! For the first time in 6 years. The bell rings and Jean immediately charges towards Aldis. Aldis sees it coming and ducks out of the way. Jean retreats to the floor to regain his composure. Aldis brings the fight to the floor but King provides a distraction from the commentary table. Jean capitalizes and sends Aldis crashing into the steel ring post. Aldis regains control with a series of clotheslines, followed by a Michinoku Driver. Aldis soars with an elbow drop, then locks in the Cloverleaf to win by submission.

A decent match, a way to ease Nick Aldis back into Impact. Sheldon Jean is a great athlete. I would have preferred the match to happen without the distraction from Kenny King, but overall an ok match. Grade C+

Backstage Segment: Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry and Detective of Authority Dirty Dango continue their investigation on who attacked Santino Marella. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice are being questioned when tensions escalate, leading to a match being made between Swinger and Dango for later tonight.

Backstage Segment: The groundbreaking sit-down interview series with Frankie Kazarian continues as Gia Miller asks him about his goal to become IMPACT World Champion for the very first time.

Match 3: Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) vs The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch)

Taurus goes low on Skyler with a top rope dropkick. Taurus continues the assault with a powerslam. Steve sends The Good Hands colliding into one another, followed by a Flatliner to Skyler. Brian Myers is seen making his way to ringside as Taurus quickens the pace. In a unique display of offense, Taurus chokeslams Hotch into Skyler. Taurus has Hotch beat with a pop-up Samoan Drop but Skyler breaks the pin. Steve neutralizes Skyler with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. The referee is distracted, allowing Myers to attack Steve on the outside. In the ring, The Good Hands take out Taurus with double team offense to win.

Another good match. But far too much distraction happening in matches. All four participants in the match are great wrestlers and they should have been able to showcase their abilities more. Grade C

Backstage Segment: Steve Maclin blames Champagne Singh and Shera for having to defend his IMPACT World Title against Rhino tonight. As a result, Maclin tells them that their business relationship is over. Singh has an idea on how they can fix this.

Moments later, Singh and Shera are seen attacking Rhino’s tag team partner and friend, Heath, in the backstage area.

Match 4: IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin vs Rhino – IMPACT World Championship

Rhino sets up for the Gore early but Maclin rolls to the outside. The fight spills to the floor where Rhino drops him on the top of the barricade. Maclin hangs up Rhino on the top rope, then targets the surgically-repaired left knee. After being worn down for several minutes, Rhino begins to fight back with a Superplex. Rhino hits a Spinebuster but is unable to follow up with the Gore due to his injured knee. Maclin hits Rhino with a Gore of his own to score the victory.

After the match, Maclin continues to target Rhino’s knee with a violent steel chair assault. Maclin has absolutely snapped as security rushes down to the ring to prevent him from doing any further damage.

An ok match. A nice touch having Maclin beat Rhino with a Gore. I’m hoping that Maclin has a decent run as champion and can forge his own path. Grade C.

We see footage from during the commercial break as Rhino was stretchered into an ambulance. Steve Maclin returns but IMPACT President Scott D’Amore informs him that his IMPACT World Title match against PCO at Under Siege will now be No Disqualifications. PCO emerges from the ambulance to protect Rhino and a wild brawl with Maclin ensues.

Match 5: Dirty Dango w/ Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry vs Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice

Dice gets involved from the outside, allowing Swinger to gain control. Swinger goes for a kick but Dango catches it and hits the Falcon Arrow for three.

A typical Swinger squash match. Nothing much really to say about squash matches. At least his road to 50 gimmick is entertaining. Grade D

Backstage Segment: Sami Callihan and Rich Swann infiltrate The Design disguised as members of the Army of Violence. Callihan and Swann lead a blindside assault on the group before being separated by security.

Backstage Segment: Moose tells Brian Myers that their tag team needs to be his priority. Myers says that they can still be a team while he manages the stars of tomorrow, John Skyler and Jason Hotch. Myers reveals that his plan is to mold The Good Hands into the next IMPACT World Tag Team Champions.

Matches announced for next week:

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel goes one-on-one with Laredo Kid. Plus, Moose, Eddie Edwards and Frankie Kazarian battle Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham and Yuya Uemura in a preview of the Under Siege #1 Contenders match.

Main Event Match: Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Jordynne Grace – Knockouts World Tag Team Championship

Wilde distracts the referee, allowing King to drive the back of Purrazzo’s head into the apron. Wilde hits a running clothesline in the corner, then makes the tag to King. The Coven cut off the ring and begin to wear Purrazzo down. King dumps her with a suplex to remain in control. Purrazzo causes The Coven to collide with one another, creating a moment of separation. Purrazzo finally makes the tag to Grace as she enters the match with a burst of speed. Grace hits King with a Spinebuster, followed by a Juggernaut Jackhammer to Wilde. The Coven catch Grace off a dropkick attempt and powerbomb her into the ring apron. Grace hits Wilde with the Muscle Buster but King breaks the pin attempt. Grace inadvertently knocks Purrazzo off the apron. Wilde hits an assisted running clothesline on Grace to score the three count.

After the match, The Coven continue the attack on Grace but Trinity runs down to the ring and makes the save. Trinity hits King with the Rear View to send The Coven retreating. Grace thanks Trinity and they shake hands as IMPACT! Goes off the air.

A good match from these women. They were able to have a decent amount of back and forth and some good storytelling for the future match between Purrazzo and Grace. King and Wilde make a great tag team, hopefully they will continue to have great opponents to work against for the titles. Grade B.

Overall, an OK episode of Impact. A little too much distraction in the matches, but other than that. It’s was good. Under Siege is coming up soon, I’m hoping for another good PPV.

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