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Impact Wrestling Review 01/06/23

Tonight’s Impact will see the fallout from Under Siege.

In Ring Segment:

Bully Ray opens IMPACT after he made his shocking return to IMPACT at Under Siege, where he powerbombed IMPACT President Scott D’Amore through a flaming table. Bully gloats about his long history of putting people through tables, but he saves flaming tables for only those who anger him the most. Bully tells us that he is going nowhere and he is going to become number one contender at Against All Odds. Steve Maclin interrupts, and says everything that went down at Under Siege was only because Maclin allowed it. The Motor City Machine Guns then interrupt as Shelley will challenge Maclin on June 9 at Against All Odds. Bully calls Shelley a great professional wrestler and calls back to Team 3D’s history with The Guns. But for as great as Shelley is, Bully believes Shelley could never defeat Maclin to become World Champion. Sabin points out he was one who beat Bully for the World Championship in 2013. Maclin questions whether Shelley can beat him to which Shelley responds “Yup.” The Guns challenge Bully and Maclin to a match tonight but Bully and Maclin decline. SUBCULTURE come out and accept instead, and they will face The Guns in our main event.

Backstage Interview:

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Nick Aldis. Nick Aldis comments on his victory over Kenny King at Under Siege. He says he feels like a dangerous man when he has momentum behind him. Aldis guarantees to come out of the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds as number one contender.

Match 1: Yuya Uemura vs Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards

Yuya Uemura takes Eddie Edwards to the limit, he is on the offence in the early part of the match. Eddie manages to fire back on offence with chops to Uemura in the corner. Uemura comes back with some chops of his own, but Eddie with a thumb to the eye of Uemura. A flurry of offence from both men and Uemura throws Eddie to the outside. Uemura with a slingshot dive to the outside, taking out Eddie. Back from the break and Eddie is on the attack, laying down blows on Uemura. Uemura hits a big bulldog out of the corner. Uemura goes for the pin, but only manages a 2 count. Uemura goes to the top rope, but Alisha with the distraction by climbing on the ring apron. This allows Eddie to attack Uemura whilst he is on the top turnbuckle. Eddie hits Uemura with a huge Superplex, Uemura manages to recover, climbs to the top once again, attempts to hit Eddie with a diving crossbody but Eddie gets his knee up into the midsection of Uemura. Eddie then hits Uemura with a Tiger Driver, covers him but only gets a 2 count. Eddie then hits Uemura with the Boston Knee Party and pins him for the victory.

An excellent match to start this episode of Impact. Nice back and forth and some brilliant moves. A really enjoyable match. I could watch these 2 men have matches often and not get bored of them. Grade B+

After the match, Eddie holds out his hand, seemingly for a show of respect, but when Uemura goes to shake his hand, Eddie pulls his hand away, disrespecting Uemura which draws out Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian is upset at the bad example Eddie is setting as a locker room leader. Eddie tries to walk away from Kazarian, but Kazarina turns him around and lands a punch on Eddie. Alisha jumps on the back of Kazarian but Kazarian throws her off, angering Eddie.

Match 2: Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) vs Sami Callihan & Jake Crist

Steve attacks first, biting the face of Crist. Crist manages to push Steve off him, then hits him with a superkick. Crist tags in Callihan, they drop Steve to the mat and hit him with double kicks. Taurus into the ring and hits a double clothesline on Callihan and Crist. Taurus throws Crist out of the ring through the ropes. Taurus picks up Steve in a press slam position and then throws him over the top rope onto Crist and Callihan. Steve rolls Crist back into the ring. Taurus hold Crist, Steve goes for a forearm shot, but Crist manages to move out the way and Steve inadvertently hits Taurus with the forearm. Crist hits Steve with a superkick, then hits Taurus with a superkick. Callihan is now back in the ring, they hit Taurus with double kicks. Callihan and Crist stack Steve on Taurus’ shoulders, Crist gets on Callihan’s shoulder and Crist hits Steve with a cutter. Callihan covers Steve and picks up the win.

Another good match. It seems like Callihan and Crist have stepped right back into their OVE ways with their teamwork. As usual, great teamwork from Decay. Another enjoyable match. Grade B

After the match, The Design appear, Kon in the ring, Deaner and Angels on the outside. Kon hits Callihan and Crist with a double chokeslam. All of the Design enter the ring and are on the attack. Deaner hits ‘The Antidote’ on Crist. Deaner is yelling at Callihan that it’s his fault. Rich Swann runs down to the ring with a steel chair to make the save, with the Design leaving the ring.

Backstage Segment:

We see Trinity warming up for her match later tonight.

Backstage Segment:

Callihan isn’t happy that Swann was late coming out to make the save from the Design. Swann tells Callihan that the Design knew he was busy in Santino’s office signing his contract for the 8-4-1 match. Swann tells Callihan that he needs to find another partner to take on the Design at Against All Odds. Callihan tells Crist that it looks like “the doctor is going to have to call the monster”.

Match 3: Trinity vs Savannah Evans w/Gisele Shaw & Jai Vidal

A lock up to start the match and Evans powers Trinity into the corner. Trinity with the waist lock to try and take away some of the power game from Evans, but Evans is able to throw Trinity off her with ease. Trinity jumps at Evans and gets her in a headlock. Trinity attempts a headlock takedown, but Evans is able to block this with her strength, she lifts up Trinity and throws her into the corner. Evans runs at Trinity attempting to hit her whilst in the corner, but Trinity is able to move out of the way, sending Evans crashing into the turnbuckle. Trinity hits Evans with a running forearm, follows it up with more forearm shots and a back elbow strike. Evans grabs Trinity by the hair, but Trinity counters with kicks. Evans with the Irish Whip, attempts to clothesline Trinity, but Trinity is able to knee slide under Evans. Trinity again with kicks, runs at Evans but Evans is able to hit Trinity with a pop up powerbomb. Evans with the one footed cover on Trinity, but she only manages a 2 count. Evans tries to choke Trinity out on the ropes, but breaks the hold on the ref’s 4 count. Evans stands on Trinity using the ropes for leverage, again breaking the hold at the ref’s 4 count. Evans drives Trinity’s head into the top turnbuckle and then hits Trinity with shoulder tackles in the corner. Evans throws Trinity by her hair to the other side of the ring. Trinity manages to come back with a kick, gets Evans between the ropes and rains down a flurry of blows on the back of Evans. Trinity then drives Evans’ head to the mat using her knees. Trinity goes for the pin, but only manages a 2 count. Trinity hits Evans with a springboard enzuigiri. Trinity then drives Evans’ head into the middle turnbuckle. Trinity climbs to the top rope and hits Evans with a diving crossbody. Evans comes back with a big side slam to Trinity. Trinity hits Evans with a Sunset Flip, but rather than going for the pin, Trinity is able to turn it into StarStruck forcing Evans to tap out.

A decent match, Evans looking very strong as she should and Trinity able to show off her resilience. A well paced match with some great back and forth. I actually enjoyed this match more than Trinity’s match with Shaw. That could be to do with the fact that there was no outside interference in this one though. Grace C+

After the match, Trinity gets a microphone. She reminds us that she said she would be waiting for whoever came out of Under Siege as the Knockouts World Champion. Out comes Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo thanks Trinity for being patient and says it looks like she is the one Trinity has been waiting for. Trinity lays down the challenge for Slammiversary. Purrazzo accepts. So it will be Trinity vs Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts World Championship at Slammiversary. Purrazzo and Trinity are then attacked from behind by Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans, Trinity and Purrazzo were able to get the upper hand, but Jai Vidal comes in and hits Purrazzo with the handbag, laying her out. He then attempts to do the same to Trinity, but Trinity able to avoid, she then throws Vidal out of the ring and she continues to beat down Evans, but Gisele picks up the handbag and hits Trinity with it, laying her out as well. Evans and Vidal holding Trinity while Gisele talks smack, but out comes Jordynne Grace to make the save. Grace takes out Vidal and then on the attack on Evans, but Gisele once again with the handbag hitting Grace, laying her out as well. Vidal and Evans pick up Grace, holding her so that Shaw can hit her with 3 running knee strikes.

Match 4: Dani Luna vs Jody Threat

A lock up to start the match. Threat with a headlock takedown on Luna. Luna is able to get the headscissors on Threat, but Threat is able to escape quickly. More back and forth between the ladies, Luna whips Threat into the corner and hits Threat with shoulder tackles to the midsection. Threat reverses Luna and is able to catch her in a pinning predicament, but Luna is able to kick out. Threat with a big kick to the side of Luna’s head. Luna in the corner and Threat with a running clothesline followed by clubbing blows to Luna. Threat hits Luna with a suplex, goes for the pin but only manages a 2 count. Threat attempts a baseball slide, but Luna is able to get out of the way. Luna hits Threat with a kick to the side of the head. Luna goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Luna attempts to hit Threat with the ‘Three Amigos’ but Threat is able to block the third suplex. Luna is able to overpower Threat and hits her with a delayed suplex. Luna goes for the pin but is again only able to get a 2. Threat hits Luna with a back elbow and then clotheslines Luna over the top rope, both landing pretty awkwardly. Threat on the apron and hits Luna with a cannonball senton. Threat rolls Luna back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. She hits Luna with a Cannonball, then drops her into the middle rope and follows up with running knees. Threat hits Luna with the ‘Look out Below’, covers Luna but Luna is able to kick out at 2. Luna hits Threat with a clothesline and then a powerbomb, covers Threat but only gets a 2 count. Luna hits threat with a Lariat, covers Threat but again only gets a 2 count. Luna gets Threat onto her shoulders, but Threat is able to counter. Threat hits Luna with a straight right hand, followed by a German Suplex. Threat gets Luna up on her shoulder and hits her with the “F Bomb”, covers her and gets the 3.

An absolutely incredible match. Very hard hitting and entertaining. It even got a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. Would love to see more from these women. This was my first time seeing Dani Luna wrestle and I was very impressed with her in ring ability. Grade A-

Backstage Segment:

Joe Hendry is backstage with Santino. Santino is reluctant to step in the ring again to face Dirty Dango, so makes Hendry vs. Dango at Against All Odds for the Digital Media Title. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean taunt Hendry about Sheldon breaking Hendry’s nose so Santino makes Hendry vs. Jean for next week’s Impact.

Video Package:

We see a replay of what happened at Under Siege between Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich.

Video Package:

Killer Kelly talks about her upcoming Dog Collar match with Masha Slamovich.

Announced Matches for Against All Odds:

  • Knockouts Dog Collar Match - Masha Slamovich vs Killer Kelly

  • Digital Media Championship Match - Joe Hendry vs Dirty Dango

  • X-Division Championship Match - Trey Miguel vs Chris Sabin

  • Eddie Edwards vs Frankie Kazarian

  • Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans vs Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo

  • Impact World Tag Team Championship Match - ABC vs The Good Hands

  • 1st Ever 8-4-1 Match - Jonathan Gresham, Bully Ray, Heath & Nick Aldis vs Moose, Mike Bailey, Rich Swann & PCO (the winning team will then battle in a 4 way match and the winner of that 4 way match will be the number 1 contender for Steve Maclin’s World Championship).

  • Impact World Championship Match - Steve Maclin vs Alex Shelley

Next Week:

  • The Coven defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championship vs The Death Dollz

  • Moose and Rich Swann team up in a preview of the 8-4-1 match vs Nick Aldis and Jonathan Gresham.

Main Event: Motor City Machine Guns vs SUBCULTURE

Shelley and Andrews start the match with a lock up. Some nice back and forth between the two men, each one managing to get the upper hand over the other. They each tag in their partners. Sabin and Webster with the lock up, some nice athletic back and forth between Sabin and Webster. Webster hits Sabin with an inverted senton, goes for a cover but Sabin is quickly able to kick out. Shelley gets the blind tag, Webster didn’t see this and his attention remains on Sabin until Shelley gets him in a sleeper hold. Sabin and Shelley hit Webster with kicks. Andrews, now back in the ring, attempts to take out the Guns, but gets taken down with a kick to the face. Sabin and Andrews back in their corners. Shelley taking down Webster, trying to take out the arms, then Webster able to counter Shelley, backs Shelley into the corner and Webster able to tag Andrews in the match. Andrews and Webster trying to take out the leg of Shelley. Sabin entered the ring but SUBCULTURE were ready for this and they take down Sabin. SUBCULTURE with tandem suicide dives to the outside of the ring, taking out MCMGs. SUBCULTURE throws the Guns back into the ring, and they are now on the attack, but the Guns are able to reverse the offence and get the upper hand, taking down Andrews and Webster with a clothesline and a bulldog. Back from the break and the Guns remain in control. Sabin is now trying to wear down Andrews. Sabin tags Shelley in, and Sabin takes away the tag option from Andrews. Shelley with the pin attempts to Andrews. Shelley and Andrews with back and forth. Shelley tags in Sabin, Andrews able to create some space and tag in Webster. The Guns with some miscommunication as Shelley inadvertently hits Sabin, Webster then takes down both men. Again, more miscommunication from the Guns, this time Sabin kicking Shelley. Webster hits Sabin with a beautiful hurricanrana from around the ring post. Webster gets Sabin back into the ring and he makes his way to the top rope, he hits Sabin with a diving crossbody, covers Sabin and gets a 2 count. Webster goes for a Tiger Driver, but Sabin is able to counter, but Webster manages to land on his feet. Webster tags Andrews in. SUBCULTURE hit Sabin with a modified Falcon Arrow, cover him but only get a 2 count. The match has broken down now as all 4 men are in the ring, Shelley breaking up a double team attempt from SUBCULTURE. The Guns take out Webster and they hit Andrews with Magic Killer, but Webster is able to break up the pin attempt. Shelley throws Webster out of the ring. The Guns hit Andrews with a Doomsday Dropkick, but Andrews pops straight back up. Webster hits Shelley with a headbutt. SUBCULTURE then hit Sabin with a double headbutt. Sabin takes down both members of SUBCULTURE with a double clothesline. Andrews hits Sabin with StunShock Millionaire. Webster goes to the top, but Sabin is able to roll out of the way, avoiding the 630 senton. Sabin hits Webster with a cutter. The Guns take out Andrews. They hit Webster with the Dirt Bomb, cover Webster and get the victory.

An absolutely amazing match from these teams. They definitely need to do this again. Such amazing chemistry and teamwork. Phenomenal athleticism showcased here as well. A well deserved “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. Grade A+

Overall, a brilliant episode of Impact. I honestly cannot stress it enough that people need to watch Impact as in my opinion, it is the far better wrestling show on at the moment.


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