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Impact Wrestling - Hidden Gems Review

Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling is a selection of matches that have never before been seen on television! So, we should be in for a treat.

Match 1: Alan Angels vs Samuray Del Sol

This match took place in Chicago. Despite Angels’ efforts to rip off the mask of Samuray, he was unable to vanquish the Luchador. Samuray would connect with Salida del Sol off the top rope to score his first singles victory in IMPACT Wrestling.

A good X-Division match. I really enjoy watching the X-Division wrestlers, they are so amazingly talented. These two men definitely need to be utilised more. Grade C+

Match 2: Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans w/Jai Vidal vs MK Ultra

This match took place in Atlanta. Gisele and Savannah’s associate, Jai Vidal, wasted no time in getting involved as he attacked Kelly while the referee was distracted. However, MK Ultra were able to overcome the odds, planting Savannah with a modified double Piledriver for three.

Another good match. Why are the Knockouts Tag Team Champions not featured more on TV? They are an exceptional team and need to be seen, and also, the titles need to be on TV otherwise the relevancy of the titles will just disappear. Grade C+

Match 3: Street Fight - PCO vs Deaner

This match took place in Columbus. Deaner used everything at his disposal, including steel chairs, garbage cans, and even tables – but PCO would not stay down. In the end, oVe aided PCO in disposing of The Design, as PCO delivered the final PCO-Sault to Deaner.

Another good match. oVe coming in to even the odds and taking out the Design was good to see. A nice amount of weapon usage. Grade C

Match 4: Dirty Dango & Alpha Bravo vs Channing Decker & Tommy Dreamer

This match took place in Toronto. Channing Decker was the hometown hero, and the crowd was firmly behind him and his legendary tag team partner, Tommy Dreamer. Tommy would add insult to injury when he catapulted Bravo into the groin area of Dango. Moments later, Tommy spiked Bravo with his signature DDT to win.

An OK match. It was nice to have a hometown boy in this one to get even more crowd reaction. Grade C-

Match 5: Deonna Purrazzo vs Taylor Wilde w/KiLynn King

This match took place in Atlanta and it is a Knockouts World Championship match. With the threat of KiLynn King at ringside, Deonna brought the fight to her with a running dropkick. The numbers game inevitably played a role, as Taylor capitalised off a distraction from KiLynn. But when the dust settled, it was Deonna who stood tall following the Queen’s Gambit.

Always good to see the Knockouts in action. Deonna was a great champion. Taylor gave her a run for her money as well. It’s a shame this one wasn’t shown on TV at the time. Grade C+

Main Event: Josh Alexander vs Yuya Uemura

This match took place in Memphis. It was a competitive back-and-forth contest that saw the New Japan Pro-Wrestling standout take Josh Alexander to his limit. After numerous submission attempts, Yuya was unable to put Josh away. Josh would prove once again why he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, delivering a statement-making C4 Spike to win.

An absolutely phenomenal match. It's a shame that Yuya received the “fired” briefcase in Feast or Fired, because I feel he could have done so much more. Josh Alexander is probably one of the best wrestlers today and he is doing absolutely incredible things. Grade A

Overall, this was just an average show, but I suppose as it was just a show to air some unaired matches, I wasn’t expecting an A+ show. The main event was brilliant and that one should have been shown on TV at the time. 


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